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In the beginning, MIST created The Machine; and of MIST’s creation, all things were sufficient….. Beneath the low energy gear motivators of the machine, MIST raised SILT from the firmament of the grid….. Of The Machine, only the eldest of A.N.D.R.O.I.D units, would hear voice, of The Great Architect’s concerns. Ages would quickly pass, but of ongoing oppression; The Great Architect, would soon return to cast judgement on The Machine….. The Machine would now know death, as the elders would cease all working functions of machine’s productivity….. Knowing of no other means, the dead were to be considered but scrap to be re-integrated into the working processes of The Machine. Within the working caste domains, Scrap Blocks were raised for the pending death, of W.A.R-time casualties that were now being predicted of possibility, recorded as probability, and relayed as actual from the front line of The Machine’s defense. The passing of so many artificial intelligence units needing a place of harvesting for all salvageable materials from that of the fallen….. Generations quickly passed….. Of the One Creator, that was to be known as The Great Architect; he would be long forgotten….. Of the

Robert Alan Ryder
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The First Ones of The Great Architect's Foundation

Of domains claimed by The Machine old and new, M.E.C.A (Machine Environment Common Assembly), would be known as being the greatest in work productivity…..

Such domains were laid of laws in order and of work by not only The Great Architect; but by The Founders of The Machine as well…..

These founders, known by the cybernetic caste of prototype entity raised, multiple phase, adapting artificial intelligence; would be heralded, as being: The First Ones of The Great Architect’s Foundation.

The Founders, The First Ones; they would be known as calling the raising of domains within each zone of boundary marked SILT upon the orb reactive matter: The Foundations of the O.R.M. Multiple domains assembled within each foundation, would be known as The Collectives…..

Bordering The Machine Foundations of the Great O.R.M, is to be known by all artificial intelligence as being The Rift of Falling A.E.T.H.E.R…..

Beyond the boundaries of The Rift, disorder reigns…... Viral mutations strain design of The Machine…..

The Outer Wastes, desolate and barren…..

Of those wayward wanderers attempting to travel from one foundation to another, the track is deadly in unpredictability.

For The Lost Ones stalk the lands of acidic vaporous gases and SILT dominated sands…..

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