Making Her Remember(TTS#1)

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“I know you need time but I seriously can’t resist this.” I opened my mouth to ask but was cut off when his pink, pillowy lips fell on mine. Time Travel Series #1 Ever thought if someone you love dearly is lost in time and doesn't remember you? Well, now you would. Meet Ember Costello, the under-dog fashion designer. She is sweet, polite and gentle but get on her bad side and you see how much of a sweet she can be. She has only one dream to become the best fashion designer in America. Meet Brandon Reed, owner of the Reed Enterprises but his sole focus is finding the girl he lost and make her remember about herself. After an agonizing wait for over a year, he finally found her. What will happen in this new time line? What did Ember do that resulted in Brandon loosing his love? How will she take it when she hears the truth? Will she trust him or give him to the Mental Institutions? Find in the new astounding novel. Your thoughts are much appreciated. Cover credits to @LaurelGeni (Thank you and sorry for the trouble.) (From Wattpad)

Scifi / Romance
Daphne Vergara
Age Rating:


“So, I guess we should head back to our time now,” Sylvia, the master mind and inventor of the time-machine spoke, to her boyfriend, Brandon, who in his reply, entwined their hands and walked towards the vessel which brought them to the 90’s. After the agonizing wait of 3 years, they were finally together and ready to take the world head-on.

Sylvia stopped and looked behind her shoulders. She will miss this time. She will miss the times she spent with her mother’s and father’s younger selves. She learned a lot and gained amazing friends, who no doubt will forget about her existence with time. She loved the atmosphere and the humbleness in the people in this time, a thing you don’t see in the current time. Their selfless behaviour, their love towards everything and the optimism in the darkest of times. She will surely remember this when she will return home.

Home. She thought what would happen now that she helped her mother and changed her future as well as her past at the same time. Will they be happy again? Will it change nothing between their family? Many questions swirled in her head to which she was going to find answers soon.

They entered the vessel and Sylvia like the first time, punched the coordinates and pushed some buttons, typed something on the computer, resembling an alien language to Brandon, but in reality was just the starting command, so that the chemicals can get mixed and the nuclear reactor core could work. The machine hummed to life and they buckled their belts and started the journey to home.

After a few seconds, they landed and exited the machine to welcome the horrifying sight in front of them. Everyone was calm and doing their own business, unaware of the fact that they and their surroundings were evaporating. Bits and chunks of buildings, being separated and floating in the air. Even people evaporating in thin air.

Sylvia and Brandon had perplexed look on their faces. They glanced at each other and Brandon’s eyes became more wide when he saw that Sylvia was starting to vanish too. He rushed towards her, but she just looked at him confused.

“Sylvia, you are vanishing too.” He yelled, and she took that moment to look at her hands and legs. Sure enough she was evaporating too, but what she couldn’t comprehend was why wasn’t he.

She lost her balance but Brandon’s strong arms caught her in time. Her vision started to turn blurry with tears when it hit her.

“What have I done?” she whispered to herself. When she changed her mother’s past she also changed hers. Now she had to sacrifice her existence and happiness for her mother’s.

“I am really sorry, Brandon. I didn’t know this would happen. I wish I calculated the failure too. Oh, god.” she said and cupped his cheeks to remove his tears. Seeing the love of her life in tears, broke her heart.

“S-Sylvia,” he stuttered, unable to comprehend this situation, “Please don’t leave me. I beg of you.”

“Oh, Brandon. I don’t want to leave you, too. But I.. just.. have to,” she said slowly. “I love you beyond time, okay?”

“I love you too beyond your intelligence.” she chuckled a little and gave him his mission, because she hoped that at least he will remember, about all this.

“Listen to me carefully, my Brandon. Judging from what is happening now, we have created a new time line, in which w-we don’t know each other,” she choked on a sob and willed herself to not cry.

“But nothing in this world, or time, will ever stop my heart from loving you. Even though I won’t remember you, my heart will. Promise me that you will find me and make me remember about our love, about our pranks but most importantly my mistake of ever building this horrid thing, which is taking me away from my destiny.” she said and chuckled a little at the end along with Brandon.

“I promise, my Sylvia. I will do everything in my power to find you and make you fall in love with me again. Now we will finally have something to tell our children.” they both laughed at this and they didn’t notice that the process had sped up and the area below her chest had disappeared.

“I love you, Brandon.”

“I love you too, Sylvia.”

They kissed midst the torrid destruction around them. This one was different from the rest because they knew that either they would see each other soon or never again. This was a goodbye kiss. Their kiss only ended when Sylvia fully disappeared from his arms. He didn’t notice that hot tears were rolling down his cheeks. He broke down and fell on his knees.

He looked at the white sky and screamed his heart out.

“AHHH!!!” Brandon woke up from his slumber, breathing heavily and sweat covering his bare chest. He didn’t know that he was again screaming in reality. This memory or nightmare, often came to him. He clutched at his chest which was physically paining from the thought of their now broken relationship. Just as Sylvia predicted, he remembered everything about their past and time-travel. This was a blessing and a curse on him.

He controlled his heavy breathing and looked around his empty and bare room. This wasn’t even his house. Technically, it was his, but in this new time line. He is a heir to the richest billionaire in this world, Samuel Reed, who was the owner of a well-esteemed company called, Reed Enterprises, which had their roots in hardware materials and their branches reached onto everything and anything this world had to offer.

In his previous time line, they were just a middle class family, who owned a small hardware store in Canada, but here he was the biggest and richest mogul around the globe.

Being the son of the richest person in the world, had it’s ups and downs. He had to take responsibility of his father’s company in the future but the companies branches helped him in his search for his other half, Sylvia. It has been a year and yet he couldn’t find one clue on her. He searched the databases of all the births in the world, who were named Sylvia, but came out empty handed when he couldn’t find the one. It was as if she didn’t even exist in this world. And slowly this thought moved from his subconscious to his conscious and he feared that it might be true. But he was stubborn to even back down. If he had to wait another lifetime for her, he will gladly do it.

The alarm buzzed beside his sitting, depressed frame which made him jump in shock and pulled him out of his thoughts. His big hands, which once held her small ones, shut the alarm and he took a deep breath, released it and get down to his daily routine.

Brush his teeth, shower, put on his clothes-which consists of wearing a white crisp shirt with his navy blue coat and slacks, get breakfast with his mom and dad and go to the company as an intern, so that he could learn and get ready to take over soon, his father’s words not his. But he didn’t object because he also enjoyed working in the company.

Since he was 20 years old, his father decided that it would be best that he worked in the company for a year and take over when he is 21. This way, he would know every department and every employee and every task they do. He would be familiar to the atmosphere and could implement changes in his time of reign, so that they worked in a more friendlier and safer environment.

He reached the company in his usual royal blue Porsche. Just as he exited his phone rang. He stopped when he looked at the caller ID.

“Tell me you have good news.” he all but growled, he was getting frustrated that his best friend, Nathan, couldn’t find a clue about her. They were friends too in the previous time line and Brandon was glad that at least their friendship didn’t break.

“Calm down, Bestie,” Nathan said in a girly voice and chuckled at the other end, which only made Brandon more furious than he was. Nathan new about the past, not that he remembered but Brandon blurted it all one night when he was caught crying for the things he lost. Nathan believed because he was a scientist and helped him find Sylvia.

“I have found her from the other name you suggested. And I am completely sure that this is her. This is our Sylvia.” Nathan said which made a growl erupt from Brandon.

“She is mine.”

“Yeah, yeah, Beast man. Yours.”

“Where is she?” Brandon asked, agitated and happy that finally he found her. He was little angry at himself for not suggesting this earlier.

“She works in your company dude. How could you not see her?” Nathan replied.

“WHAT??” he shouted which attracted a lot of attention from the passerby’s but he gave an apologetic look and continued listening to his best friend.

“Yeah, she is in the designing division.”

“You dumbass, my sister handles that division. How could I possibly know about that? Besides, she was a genius in the previous time-line so I thought that she would be in this one too.” he defended himself, but seriously he was just worried and forgot to check his own company.

“You know that, in different time-lines, people are different. Even the slightest of change in anyone’s decision can effect the whole time-line and make or break it.” Nathan replied as if it was as easy as 1 2 3.

“Nathan, who is the scientist out of us two?”

“Me?” he said unsure.

“So you asshole, know about it better than me. I didn’t understand the first time she explained, how do you think will I understand now?” he snarled at him and Nathan just laughed.

“Okay, okay, my bad, your majesty,” he teased. “Now go get our- your Sylvia or Ember.” With that he ended the phone call and rushed to his dad’s office so that he could transfer to the designing unit.

Finally I have found you Sylvia. I promise I will make you remember and make you fall for me. He thought and walked inside the building with new determination in his eyes.

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