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What do you do when you're a slave on a foreign planet? Your body is used. Your mind is in shambles, all you have is hope and unrequited love. Earth is no longer home, people have been massacred by an illness, few people still live on the dying planet. The only saviors are four teens: Corey, Mary, Damian and Roman whom have been sent away by their parents on a secret colony on The Crimson, a planet similar to Mars. They look for other planets through a series of portals aka "Doors". A door finally opens to a world which seems too good to be true, planet Dyon. There is only one catch, the door is extremely unstable, so it's up for one trip only. Corey's stubborn nature and irrational thinking gets the best of her when she sacrifices herself and goes through to the new world. She meets the inhabitants of Dyon which are not as friendly as she would have thought. She becomes a slave in the court of King Pollux and meets his daughter, Bellatrix, the rebellious princess she falls for.

Scifi / Drama
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Home sweet home

POV: Corey

It's interesting how the universe works. Sometimes, I sit down and think about how I got to this very point in my life. My current situation is definitely not the best. Getting chased by some virus infected hounds is not a preferable way to pass time. The stench of blood is invading my nostrils. My calves are burning and my breathing is ragged. I look down at the teleporting device on my wrist, no sign of the damn door...just my luck. The next two blocks are farther and farther away from each other. I won't make it. One of the beasts almost caught up. Come on! I know this is where I got teleported. This is where the door opened. The exit has to be around here. Just then, I heard an annoyed voice cursing in my ear. I clicked the communicating device

"What the hell do you want Damian?" I spat out, looking behind me for a second.

"Corey, move your ass a little faster, we have better things to do."

"Workin' on it chief. Maybe if you could point me to the right direction then you wouldn't...ah!"

A dog sunk his teeth deep in my thigh. I could feel the hot trickle of blood seeping into my clothes. Great, just what I needed. Finally, after an endless chase the device on my wrist whirred. The door has finally opened, signaling freedom. I held my breath and ran to the edge of the block. The door was down. If I miss it, I get splattered across the road. If I stay I get eaten alive. I'd say my chances of survival are pretty good. And so, I jumped down into the abyss, the green smoke blinding me for a second. A moment later I couldn't hear anything but the distant howl of a hound. The acidic smog engulfed me completely. I blacked out after I hit the floor of our base. Home sweet fuckin' home.

Could've been an hour or a minute since I fainted, not sure. I heard muffled voices and the beeping of machines in the background but that was about it.


Oh, I know that apathy filled voice.

"Cadet? Can you hear me?"

I knew that voice and I hated it with all my might.

"I'm awake."

I opened my eyes. I was in the base's underground hospital. It was a disgusting place, filled with bad memories. The walls had white paint chipping off, the floor was pure cement. It felt claustrophobic. The quick tapping of feet reminded me that I was not alone. Turning my head, I saw her, Mary Shawn. She is our scientist and doctor. Her father was a neuroscientist who insisted on having someone to continue his studies once he passed away. My parents were friends with Mary's parents, but I never liked either of the Shawns. Dr. Shawn was an indifferent man, he didn't shed a single tear when Lilian, his wife, died and he urged Mary to act like him. It chilled me down to the bone whenever she looked at me. Her stare always seemed indifferent, hollow, detached. She was frightening for a 14 year old.

Her chestnut coloured hair was tied in a ponytail and her long bangs which were cut perfectly straight hid her clearly furrowed brows. The screen of her tablet reflected on her square glasses. Mary looked up at me, her dark brown eyes locking with my icy blue ones.

"Good. You have visitors." she said.

Sighing, I got up. My entire body protested, wanting nothing more that to lay back down on the white mattress.

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