Operation LAUNDERS

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The Resolution

It took the crew of HMS Venturer around three minutes to confirm the sinking of K-559 to themselves. Only when the sound of crushing metal from the bow section echoed through did they realise that they had won. It is unknown who started the initial applause that then echoed through Venturer’s decks, but no crew had ever been gladder in a successful mission. Cheers and cries of joy were made. Captain Holt congratulated each and every member of the CIC crew that was there.

HMS Venturer officially logged the sinking of K-559 at 1842hrs. Captain Holt prepared the statement and broadcasted it across all naval channels:

Captain Lucas Holt of HMS VENTURER reporting. Can confirm that as of this moment, rogue submarine K-559 has been destroyed with all hands lost. Vessel exploded and split into two pieces before going down at our present location. No casualties to report on our side. I repeat for all naval forces, HMS VENTURER confirms sinking of K-559. Well done to all.

The Russian Admiralty launched a full scale investigation into how Captain Andropov had been able to gain his promotions. The investigations soon found a total of thirty-three (33) Russian Civil Service workers guilty of fraud, bribery and extortion. The Russian Admiralty forced a total of twenty-six (26) officers to resign their positions and began a massive restructuring in the way all future promotions would be handled. The Russian Military as a whole was reorganised over the coming months following the actions of Captain Andropov. It is unknown just how many officials were affected by the resultant purge of corruption, but Russian Watchdog groups have put the estimated number in the thousands. No official word from the Kremlin exists regarding these claims.

HMS Venturer was ordered by the British Royal Admiralty to return to Holy Loch for repairs. Upon its arrival HMS Venturer flew a flag of two atoms on either side of a submarine with three missiles poking out of it, a flag designed by one of the crew in celebration of the sinking of the rogue SLBM carrying submarine. A fanfare was held for the crew as the Lord Admiral welcomed each of the crewmembers, along with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the head of the SIS, the head of the Russian FSB and finally the Russian President herself.

Each of the crew were awarded with a Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for their valour and bravery in the face of apparent danger. Captain Holt himself was invited by the Royal Family to attend a function at Buckingham Palace. The next week Captain Holt was officially knighted with a KBE by HRH King William V. Over the coming weeks what few details were available were reported again by news outlets and social media. Efforts to underplay the event in Russia proved futile. Despite efforts to prevent this hurting the Russian Armed Forces, public demand eventually forced the resignation of the Russian Defense Minister and the heads of Russia’s Armed Forces.

An official inquiry into the actions of the crew of HMS Venturer was established in the post-celebration clean up. This inquiry was to determine whether any action could have been taken to capture the Borei-Class submarine. There were those who believed that had it been possible, Captain Andropov could have been convinced to instead defect to either the United States or another NATO nation rather than his extreme course of action. However, by the end of the inquiry it was determined that the crew of the Venturer had acted in the only manner possible and that it was clear that K-559 would not of been surrendered. Public outcry against the inquiry lead to a formal apology.

Repairs on HMS Venturer were expected to take a total of twenty (20) days to complete. Damage had been done to the submarine’s hull, active SONAR array and the bottom torpedo tubes. Each of the crew were granted shore leave and were officially sworn into the Official Secrets Act (1989), as the full extent of the situation could not be revealed to the public lest outcry against the Russian Federation would hurt potential efforts to lower the tension between NATO and the reformist Russian Government.

Captain Holt would go on to serve for twenty more years before officially retiring at the rank of Admiral in 2042. He continues to give lectures within naval academies across all NATO nations and has also received a Hero of the Russian Federation in honour of his actions against rogue elements of the Russian Navy. When he is not travelling he stays in his apartment in Barrow, sticking close to the shipyards where his vessel was built and aiding in designing Britain’s future ships with British Aerospace Engineerin (BAe).

HMS Venturer continued to serve the Royal Navy until her official retirement on 19 October 2050. Whilst she had not been involved in combat since her story has become one of legend among navy recruits. Upon the announcement of her retirement a petition was passed online which demanded that HMS Venturer be placed on display and preserved as a museum of submarine warfare. The petition was signed by every one of the Venturer’s crewmembers whether they had served during the Action taken or post. In total a grand number of five million (5,000,000) signatories demanded the preservation of the submarine.

HMS Venturer now sits proudly in the Thames River on the opposing bank to HMS Belfast. Her reactor has been removed and replaced with a replica, whilst fake Mk. 56 ADCAPS sit in her torpedo room. As a final nod to her success the CIC shows her repeating her movements on the day of the Action with audio recordings of the crew playing. On every 10 June the flag flown upon her arrival in Holy Loch is raised as a reminder of her success. HMS Venturer holds esteemed honour of being the only submarine to of sunk a cruise-missile submarine.

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