Ultimate Underworld

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[NOW EXCLUSIVE TO RADISH FICTION] The underworld has gone quiet, no one rules the shadows. Until Alyssa escapes her entrapment, plotting revenge to take back everything she ever loved! A long time ago, Ultimates could rule the world, after all, they were built too. However, gangs have replaced their once significant standing in the last three cities on earth. Frankincense City is now ruled by violent teens, Atlantis is run by a military coup and Avalon is ruled by Jessica 'Red'. 7 long years have passed since the once formidable gang of Ultimate Super Soldiers, STRIKE, were once feared around the globe for their power and influence. Now, they're under 'Red's hands; as broken pets who lost their greatest love and the only child they had to look after. Little do the members of STRIKE know that their first love is alive and coming to save them. After 7 long years, STRIKE may just get to break free of their personal hell... only to step right into a new one. Because their once subservient girlfriend is no longer a door mat. Instead, she is now the most dangerous woman on the planet.

Scifi / Romance
C. Swallow
4.9 34 reviews
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Update to the FC Series Location

Update to the Frankincense City Series:

Princess of the Shadows and Ultimate Underworld are now exclusive to the Radish Fiction app under the 1-hour wait-to-unlock reading model. To find Ultimate Underworld, you have to search for Frankincense City [Vol.1], when you click on it, you will see The Diamond Spy, above the blurb and title is a drop down series menu, this is where you will see all seasons for that volume, aka The Diamond Spy, Princess of the Shadows and Ultimate Underworld.

The Diamond Spy [season 1 of Frankincense City [Vol.1]] will remain free and complete on Radish, Inkitt and Wattpad.

I have also changed Frankincense City [Vol. 2] from a 12-hour wait between chapters, to a 1-hour wait!

The FC series will be accessible to Radish via the series titles:

Frankincense City [Vol.1] : Season 1: The Diamond Spy, Season 2: Princess of the Shadows, Seasons 3: Ultimate Underworld

Frankincense City [Vol.2] : Season 1: Reigning Shadows, Season 2: A.R.M.Y, Season 3: Kitten, Season 4: KRWH0R3

Frankincense City [Vol.3] : Season 1: Andromeda, Season 2: Diamonds in the Dark, Season 3: Kings of Hell

Volume 3 is still free to access!

Why am I transferring Princess of the Shadows and Ultimate Underworld to Radish?

Since all my newer books that I create are free to access, my older books [this series started way back in 2017] I have to monetise so I can keep writing and creating. I write full time, it’s my love and passion, it’s all I do x

Another way to find my books is to go search the genres at the top corner of the Radish Fiction app home page. Most of Frankincense City series is ranking in the top 3 spots for Sci-Fi! Alternatively, search the titles, my username CSW1995 or C. Swallow to find my profile and my books on the Radish Fiction app.

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