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You take a step forward.

Heavy footfalls thudded through the steel floors, the only sound the lean man could hear was his own labored breathing from running for the past half hour, desperately chasing the small red dot visible on the translucent green screen that covered the left half of his face. This time, however, Myos was not alone. Following along in his once lonely chase were the new battle forged members of his team determined to take down the Alioth Empire. Directly to his left was Zeke, his best friend since childhood despite them being total opposites. Even though they had their rocky patches, he knew he could trust the ebony haired man through thick and thin. To his right was a chipper blonde girl by the name of Amaya, an overwhelmingly energetic presence he bumped into by accident that had a passion for technological rights and the idea of change. She had the spirit like that of a twinkling star, always shining around them and never going out. Also following Myos was the indomitable spirit of Achernar, a passionate woman that blazed through life and tore her own path even if it meant using her fists - especially if it meant using her fists. Though she had a gruff exterior, she longed for freedom and held the belief that every living creature deserved to make their own choices and mold their own tomorrow for themselves. Directly beside her was Razzy, a flighty girl akin to a pixie - no one ever knew what the enigma was thinking but she was as brilliant as the shining chrome walls around them and wasn’t afraid to use her sharp wit to back them out of a corner.

Myos was proud of his team and it tugged at his heavily thudding heart to see the emblem of their proposed new Empire inked onto their bodies. The star would be their path, and they would follow it until the end.

Finally the red dot blinked faster and faster, until in front of him lay a giant ornate looking door, carved and gilded in such a way that all of the detail seen throughout the rest of the ship could not begin to compare to what lay before them. They had reached the belly of the beast - the final winding citadel where the Empress lay in wait.

The only way to go was forward and Myos took a step, pressing his palm flush to the cool metal of the door.

As if waiting patiently for this moment, the door opened slowly, as if it were creating its own anticipation. Once it was wide enough to walk through, the rebellious group entered the devil’s domain cautiously but with boldness in their hearts.

The heavy doors slammed behind them, and Myos’s gave a reassuring, almost laidback, grin to the rest of them. Eventually, little by little, all of them returned the grin in varying degrees, and the redhead knew no matter what happened there was no way he and his friends could lose.

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