We're all in this virtual space together.

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You wake up in a virtual space, surrounded by your party members.

What do you do?

Deep in the winding and intractable path of the citadel’s labyrinth, in the very core and pulsating heart of the ship lay a perfectly circle room bathed in a soft pinkish hue. Though the color itself may seem inviting, the atmosphere of the room was harsh and cold. Hard metal gleamed around every corner; the only thing that gave off an aura of comfort was the velvet black throne that sat in the middle of the room. The throne was tall, and crafted with all the finery and attention one would bestow upon the marble statues of days long before the time of the spaceship Astraia. It rippled and circled, the grooves and bevels of the throne telling a story that no one would ever listen to or care to hear, it’s very surface pockmarked with history.

Atop this ornate tribute to the gods and goddesses of old was a woman who could be considered to be a goddess herself. The Empress of the Alioth Empire, Talitha - ruler of all known humanity. The woman was lavished head to toe in brilliant shades and hues of pink, even half of her luxurious, mid-back length ivory hair had been dyed the symbolic color. Beckoning with one slim finger, she called one of her personal guards over to her and he placed a beautifully crafted crown of silver spindling wire atop her head. Her long, thick, black bottom lashes fluttered against her cheek, almost hiding a small heart tattoo that set in the corner of her right eye.

Talitha drew her luscious magenta lips into a smile and waited.

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