We're all in this virtual space together.

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The virtual space you awaken in is not like the others. The coding is not uniform, though it is still a small room surrounded by four walls. By this point you know that some small objective must be met to open the pathway, though there is no particular pattern in which the previous tasks have taken that could make you guess what steps to take next. The Aura in this space was different than the others; the only one seemingly unaffected was the somber twin, who had not flinched outwardly like the rest of you. You weren't sure why the space was so ominous, perhaps it was the breaks in code. Maybe it stirred something subconsciously in your memories.

The sorceress looked at you, raising her staff with a questioning look. She says she may be able to divine a way out of this space, since she can feel its energy unlike the others.

What do you do?

After what seemed like walking in circles for a few moments, it was clear to the flame clad boy that they were lost. Picking at the belts across his vibrant orange shirt for what seemed like the umpteenth time, Myos decided maybe now would be a good time to sit down and think of a plan.

Unfortunately, Achernar didn’t deem that to be necessary. “C’mon you slackers, we just gotta keep walking and eventually we’ll find something that we can smash!” The ruby-eyed girl raved, arms flinging about in every direction. “It can’t just be white fucking endlessness forever that’s retarded.”

“And doesn’t make sense logically. This ship doesn’t take up infinite space,” Razzy replied, ever behind the mask of deadpan emotions and the protection of orange glass in front of her eye.

While Achernar, Zeke, and Razzy dissolved into bickering - well, mostly Achernar and Zeke, with the colorless girl chipping in now and them to remark how illogical they were being, Myos sat back with a frown on his face. They had to be missing something. After all, Razzy was right; this ship didn’t go on forever.


Huh, who was making that sound? Myos shook his head, disturbing his flowing locks, and decided he was hearing things and went back to thinking. It made no sense that they couldn’t find an exit to this place; each one of them had scoured the walls individually, analyzing the data in their own way. There was nothing that could be done.


That sound again? Myos looked around not noticing anything different about their surroundings. The woman with the fiery spirit still stood yelling at the man with ebony hair, with Razzy sitting off to the side leaning against the semi-transparent wall.

Wait...semi transparent?

Tap tap tap.

Whirling around like a tornado, Myos looking through the wall behind him to see a bubbly blonde grinning and waving back at him. “Amaya? How did you get through here?” Myos exclaimed, running over the smooth surface and catching the attention of the other three who soon joined him.

“Well, I don’t know really, but I know how you guys can get over here. You’re gonna have to trust me though, and work together as a team, okay?” Amaya nodded, adjusting her feminine computer glasses.

“How did you get in there by yourself if we have to work as a team?” Zeke asked suspiciously, arching a thin black brow.

“Look, I said I don’t really know but can you guys trust me? I know you don’t really know me but I care about this team so much so...please? Trust me?” Amaya said, emotion shining in her wide, purple eyes.

Myos nodded immediately. It didn’t matter that they had only just met a few days ago, what really mattered was the star that found itself on the girl’s shoulder and what it represented. She was as much of this as any of them, and they had no reason not to trust her. “What do you need us to do?” He asked, returning the girl’s earlier bright smile.

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