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You sprint towards the light even though the calm waves are still brushing the edges of your mind with tantalizing foam. Just as you were so close you thought the brightness of it all would make you spontaneously combust, a fearsome sword burst into existence. You recognized it immediately as the swordswoman’s weapon.

You took the blade, furnished with its own scabbard and belt, and attached it to your waist. A flash of a face appeared in your mind but it was gone as soon as it came. You looked back towards the way you came, knowing there was only path left.

What do you do?

Achernar screamed in pain, as though memories had been ripped straight from her brain and staggered, not letting herself fall to her knees though. Zeke stepped away from her; now back in his normal attire, still sans jacket though. The bluenette gave him a small nod of acknowledgement, which he returned after a moment. “I didn’t need your help,” she said softly, “but, thank you.”

Zeke shrugged it off, and knelt down to pick up the weapon the woman had dropped, handing it back to her. Achernar took it without a word, letting it dematerialize to be called upon when she next needed it. “I see Amaya is back?” Achernar commented, looking at the blonde and trying to direct conversation away from herself.

“I was trapped in a prison, like you were. It hurts, doesn’t it?” Amaya asked, stepping close and taking the other girl’s hand without a second thought. “It doesn’t hurt as much after you talk about it.”

“I don’t hurt, memories can’t fucking hurt you,” Achernar replied smoothly, her bravado firmly in place as she stepped away from her previous shackles and shook out of Amaya’s hand.

“Some can,” Myos said, rubbing his neck.

“Please, Achernar,” Amaya gently coaxed, and something about the girl’s innocence and willingness to help anyone moved her into speaking.

“Well, it’s kind of stupid. So maybe I had a mom who had a ton of money but was a total bitch. I used to cry every night to see her and all she did was told me to grow up,” her voice turned into a growl. “I was just a kid. I wished every night on the stars like my father told me too, but he never came back. He had already married some other cunt and left me with my mom to rot, to probably turn into a rich snob like her and have rich snob children or something.” Achernar clenched her teeth, fists balled as she recalled the memories. “I left when I was twelve and I never went back. Grew up in the city slums and was taught important things, like how to fight and not need anyone. I decided I was happier like that. I don’t really regret that choice, ever.” She shrugged, looking at the three of them. “But, it’s not bad having you guys around. Even you, I guess,” she snorted, eyeing Zeke and then Amaya. “Is there something I should know about?” Achernar asked with a raised brow, gesturing to the girl in the other man’s coat.

“Oh, no, I just didn’t have any clothes because, well the last thing I remember is blacking out and being in this big tall chamber thing,” Amaya explained quickly, all in one gush of a sentence.

“Well, enough about fucking weird shit that happened while I was in memory coma land, where’s Razzy?” Achernar asked, a sudden intensity at the end of her question.

“She’s the next one to find,” Myos replied, leaving the bluenette to nod in response, and the quartet to walk back to where they started to retrieve their last party member.

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