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You yell in anger, swinging the scepter around violently, smashing the deceitful screens that fill the room. You smash and smash and smash until the spindly staff in your hand break, and you wish you could care but the Sorceress to whom it belonged can mean nothing to you without the memories the screen contains.

After the simple rod breaks, you draw out the Swordswoman’s weapon and begin where you left off. The sound of shattering glass fills the room, only accompanied by your yells and cries and you want out out out. Eventually, the sword breaks too and you are left with a shield and an empty heart within a blank room filled with broken shards of glass.

What do you do?

Achernar cried out to the blonde as her body crumbled to the floor, now torn between rushing to the fallen girl and the girl waiting on the other side of the door. Amaya, now that her fragile heart was beating so weakly, was transformed back into her normal form and without the protection of the armor her body was crushed underfoot of the stampeding army of guards. They were merciless, uncaring, and unaware that they just literally stamped out the life of one of the rebellion’s teammates. The split indecision and loss of motivation of her actions earned Achernar a precise shot to her right arm, the volley striking a weak point between the smoothly flowing armor. She dropped her sword, the arm that was holding it now useless and streaming blood within the casing of her armor. The tall woman looked around her nervously, finding that she had backed herself into a corner near the door they had come in, weaponless and facing down a horde of enemies. Zeke tried to take down as many as he could from his position, but the countless guards made the effort useless.

Myos started in that direction to help the woman, tears pricking in his viridian eyes at the thought of losing another friends to this bloody battle. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. They were going to be heroes, not victims. If they lost here, everything they had gone through would be for nothing. They would fade out of existence without ever have really being there, like starlight swallowed by an undefeatable black hole. However, he could not escape from the barrage of attacks that constantly befell him, and he was forced to keep his eyes glued to the blue dot that belonged to Achernar, hoping that it wouldn’t blink out of existence.

Achernar also refused to go down without a fight, gritting her teeth, baring them like fangs. Blood gushed down her skin, but she ignored the pain and the dizziness, vowing she would do anything to protect the pallid girl and the rest of their cosmic rebellion until her last breath. She struck out with everything she had, limbs and attached spikes flies in any direction, doing everything possible to take off the guards around her. She summoned her deadly blade back to her, clumsily wielding it in her left hand. Her strokes were not as precise, but the chainsaw powered katana made sure that as long as she was near her enemies they would be wounded. With a final powerful yell, her weakened body gave out beneath her, the katana clattering to the ground for the final time, the chainsaw shuddering to a halt.

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