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You throw the shield you have carried with you so far to the side, watching it skitter and scuffle along the broken glass. The place makes you nothing but angry and confused, and so you lash out on anything you can. Even the only thing you have left to remind you of the life you led in this empty place.

You see no way out among the shards of glass, just gaping empty screens, yourself, and the shield that lay several meters away. Suddenly, while looking at the shield, the round object begins to glow and spin in place, faster and faster until you think it may create a whirlwind. A light shines from it, beckoning as if a portal waiting to be opened.

What do you do?

In the span of a blink of an eye, Myos found himself standing in a completely empty room. He was back out of the armor he had fought within, and the countless bodies he and his fallen friends had slaughtered were gone. Myos wasn’t sure how, but the only ones that were in the solid gold room were himself and his best friend, Zeke.

The room was featureless, four blank walls of gold so reflective he could use it as a mirror. It was a stark contrast to the garish lavishness that had pervaded the rest of the Empress’s chambers, leading him to believe that this room was not where the titular woman spent most of her time. Probably a holding chamber of sorts by the looks of it.

Just as Myos was about to voice a question to the star marked man beside him, the click clacking of heels on the hard surface broke the silence of the room. The steps were even, suggesting the gait of someone who was completely sure of themselves. The Empress.

She appeared out of the shadows in a glorious fashion, a smirk on her plump pink lips. A gradient of pink fabrics flowed around her hips, swaying with her as she walked over to them. The fabric was cut to reveal her long slender legs, covered up to her upper thighs by baby pink boot with half heart cuts in the calves so when her legs came together they created the full symbol. The baric also failed to cover the dual colored [ink and black bikini bottoms, the trademark pink fur of the Empire lining the fabric. Her blouse was tight, forming to every curve in her skin, the grey fabric flaring out just above her hips to make her waist appear even smaller, and a heart shaped was cut into the chest of it, exposing the supple curves of her body that were further accentuated by more of the pink fur. She giggled at the two of them, fluttering her dark lashes - bottom ones longer than the top - and wiggled her fingers in greeting. Her thick dual colored pink and white hair was tied in girlish pigtails on either side of her head, giving the already young looking woman an even more youthful appearance. Empress Talitha - named after a star in Ursa Major, which was the same constellation the Alioth Empire borrowed its moniker from. Myos was dumbfounded that this woman could have ruled the Empire as long as she had - the coquettish woman barely looked twenty.

“Happy to see me, boys?” Talitha asked with a mischievous grin, walking up to the two men without fear, even though she didn’t appear to possess a single weapon. Though she possessed all the allure of the goddess Aphrodite with all the heart imagery to boot, Myos knew better than to write her off lightly.

“I think you know the answer to that,” Myos spat, summoning his fire marked crossbow and taking aim at the Empress. “It’s two against one; do you really think you can win?”

“Rethink those numbers, Myos,” The voice off to his side spoke, and the redhead turned in surprise to see Zeke pointing the rifle blade he possessed in Myos’s direction.

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