We're all in this virtual space together.

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Eta Carninae

Myos was curled in the fetal position, groggy eyes barely open with his arms loosely crossed over his chest, hands in front of his face like an infant in the womb. He currently floated in a small pod, barely big enough to hold him, drifting through the cosmos. The stars were his only companions now, not that he was aware of his surroundings. About a dozen needles were inserted into several different veins in his body, pumping him full of a variety of different chemicals. One to keep his body from decomposing, another to keep his brain alive, nutrients to feed him and keep him hydrated, and countless others to dull his neurons and delude him into a comatose state. He was to be kept alive in his punishment eternally, drifting like a human vegetable through space - the hero facing the crime he worked so hard to stop.

He licked his dry, chapped lips out of habit more than desire, unable to truly control his action. If one was only glancing at Myos, they would think he were dead - so peaceful and still like a wax figure he was. Romeo would have despaired at his sight, no breath on a mirror to show that he had any life in his heart. He was a corpse kept alive for the sole purpose of his eternal agony. Myos wanted it to end, ached for anything other than numbness. He wanted to feel. Out of the corner of an eye he saw a green light blip on, signaling a clear viscous liquid to flow down one of the many tubes connecting to his arm.

Before his once vibrant eyes closed groggily, his hand somehow found its way to brush his fingers against the once treasured star emblem on the smooth surface of his headphones.

You wake up Alone in a virtual space.

What do you do?

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