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You turn down the tome with a quick shake of your head and the twins suddenly stand up, forcing you to do the same. The swordswoman glances between the two identical molds in obvious distrust, while the sorceress shifts the staff in her hands.

You look at the man with the shield, who is currently sizing up the twin with the sly grin. She puts a finger to her lips and the somber twin steps forward, leaving the tome with her duplicate sister. She walks over to one wall of coding and stops in front of it, and a glowing portal opens in front of her.

What do you do?




That’s what all of their weapon ideas boiled down to.

Myos and Zeke look at each other from across the table, honey green eyes locking with darker olive ones. Achernar was antsy, shifting her weight from one foot to the other waiting in the heavy silence. Amaya blew golden strands out of her face, feet resting on the table between the two boys.

Basically, all of them were clueless.

Zeke didn’t have access to the kind of technology they would need to stage any sort of rebellion, even if it was just holding up one of the resident food courts. Achernar refused to acknowledge that she needed anything but her fists, Amaya claimed to be a pacifist, and Myos had absolutely no idea. The four of them continued to sit there; hoping inspiration would strike them before they struck each other.

In the face. Hard. Probably Zeke’s.

Myos sighed again, pushing his chair back forcefully and punching one fist hard into his palm before it connected with Zeke for lacking of anything better to do. He was just about to voice that maybe they give up this whole endeavor when a slight girl with a bone white bob walked in. “Hey, Razz,” he greeted with a quizzical nod of his head.

“I figured you’d be helpless without me,” She shrugged, throwing a small, black, stainless steel box on the table. It landed with a clunk, and she sat on the table next to it, crossing her slender legs.

“Thanks, for the, uh, box thingy? It’ll be a big help and I’m glad you decided to join us,” Amaya said brightly, despite faltering for words at first. Much like the rest of them, she had no idea what this box was supposed to do to help them. Did they toss it at things? The blonde leaned over and poked it with her index finger.

The box wobbled for a moment, before settling back into place.

“Okay, I’ll bite, what does it do?” Zeke asked, crossing his arms over his chest in what was swiftly becoming a habit around this group.

“It technically doesn’t do anything. Yet. It just shows you something I’ve been working on,” Razzy explained, picking up the small cube and punching in a code on the keypad on the top of the box before setting it back down.

Moments later, a variety of screens erupted from the black box. They showed hundreds of different models of what looked to be robotic battle suits that equipped to an individual’s body. The suits would be activated through an inconspicuous method, such as pulling a chain or pressing a button on an article of clothing, and morph around an individual in an instant. Though all the suits were radically different from each other they all had one thing in common - a gleaming star was present on each of them.

“I figured this little rebellion of yours needed a symbol, Myos,” Razzy said, pulling off her computer glasses that hid the upper part of the right side of her face. Formerly concealed by the screen was a small black star tattoo by the corner of her ultramarine eye.

Myos’s eyes widened in shock - the fact that a girl he thought wanted no part in helping them would go so far was amazing to him. To his right, Amaya squealed with delight. “That’s amazing! We should all get one! You’re right, it does need a symbol and that’s so perfect,” she said, words gushing out like a solar flare.

“Thanks,” Razzy replied, her tone not really changing to show that she cared. “I figured we could use the power of branding to our advantage. Plus it replaces this fucking heart theme,” she explained, pulling the fur on her jacket aside to show the pink heart that adorned her otherwise black bikini top. “Alioth Empire needs to fall if just for that reason,” she shrugged.

“So, I hate to be the downer here but I think it’s necessary. These suits may protect us from damage, but how are we supposed to inflict it?” Zeke questioned, using his gloved fingers to flit through the images suspended in front of them. “This doesn’t show any weapons attached, just a compartment area for storing them within the suit until they’re activated.”

“Yeah, how do we dish out the hurt to these bastards?” Achernar scoffed, flicking through the pictures herself. Though the schematics of it didn’t make much sense to her, Zeke was right for once - there were no weapons blueprints.

Amaya worriedly chewed on her bottom lip, glancing over at Myos for the answer. Or, to at least ask the question politely so Razzy would actually answer.

“Obviously if Zeke doesn’t have access to real military grade technology then neither do I - this could only be manageable due to my position at the technology development bureau. We don’t work with weapons,” Razzy explained, replacing the screen on her face before taking another small cube out of her large jacket pockets. “But I did have access to some versions of archaic technology, which I modified. In the right hands, it should be just as deadly.” She punctuated her statement by pressing the button on the top of the cube, making it split into four smaller cubes, one each in front of the other four members sitting or standing around the table.

Myos picked up the cube in front of him, and those around him did the same. Pressing the small groove on the side, the polished surface beginning to overlap upon itself and transform into a different shape completely. He set the former cube down and let it finish its metamorphosis. When it was done, a beautifully crafted crossbow sat in front of him. The lath part of the instrument was molded to look flames, and a star was emblazoned on the stock. At first Myos was going to protest to such an archaic weapon despite the warning, but then he caught sight of the rocket like objects that were in the quiver on the side of the mechanism.

“Heat-seeking,” Razzy supplied, noticing his interest.

Myos nodded and looked around him to see what other weapons the rest of his team had been given. In front of Zeke sat a silver and emerald plated weapon, with the butt of the object resembling an assault rifle, and gradually transforming into a wicked looking sword with a relief in the shape a star. It appeared to be absurdly sharp, and curved to a deadly point at the end. It was a hefty weapon to wield, and it was the first time since they said they were taking part in this rebellion that the ravenette actually smiled. “I’m sure this rifle-blade combination doesn’t just shoot normal bullets?” He said with a smirk.

“Plasma shots,” Razzy nodded in confirmation, before explaining some of the finer aspects of the device to Zeke while Myos continued looking on his companions new assault tools.

Achernar was already playing with her new weapon. What appeared to be a normal dynasty-style katana was actually outfitted with an electronic mechanism that allowed a chainsaw to revolve around the blade, making it even more deadly. Stars decorated the hilt, making it a beautifully ornate piece of work. Amaya also had a hold on hers - a hybrid between a throwing disc and a chakram, albeit in the shape of a star. The edges were rimmed with purple lighting that looked like LED strips, that narrowed to a fine edge. All in all, their weapons were deadly even if not being of the most current technology.

“I told you, in the right hands these will be fine,” Razzy smirked, black and pink gradient lips pursing.

“So, you’re just giving us all these weapons, but you aren’t going to get anything out of it by fighting with us?” Zeke asked, hefting up his weapon to get a better look at it.

“No, I’ve got a weapon of my own,” Razzy replied, pulling her left wrist out of her pocket and twisting a thin metal bracelet that was around her wrist. Within seconds, a humming filled the air as the metal collapsed, expanded, and overlapped each other much like the cubes had done before. When it was done, a heavy duty looking piece of metal was on the small girl’s arm. It extended from her arm like it was part of it, and Myos was sure she could fight with it like it was an extension of herself. It was a chrome cylindrical object, with four spires extending off each of the sides. They came to points at the top and surrounded a pink and lime dome - one that was already glowing and smoking with the energy stored inside of it. It was apparent that she now wielded an extremely potent blaster gun - even though the whole apparatus was topped off with an innocent looking kitten face on the side.

“How come yours doesn’t have a star like the rest of the teams’?” Amaya asked, pouting her lips as she looked at all the others’ weapons who all shared the common symbol of their rebellion.

“Babe, do you care about that door?” Razzy asked, knocking the taller woman with her hip to get her attention.

“Not really, why?” Achernar replied, looking between the other and the door.

Only a split second after the confirmation, Razzy pointed the piece of machinery at the door and fired. After a brief explosion of light, the four who were unaware of the outcome inspected the door, seeing that a basketball-sized star had been blasted through it. “Tomorrow we storm the castle,” Razzy said, and if someone was listening hard enough, they would notice an actual hint of glee in her voice.
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