Destinations 7.

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Chapter 11

Earth date, 2021, December 13th, the Far side of the Moon, ten kilometers under.

“Watch your feet, Don. The floors are quite slippery here.”

“Too much condensation and no vegetation, dear. We’ll need two pairs of boots. Definitely.”

“Let’s try that shop!” Decisively, Doris stops in front of the sliding doors, waiting for them to open.

Nothing happens. She knocks and jumps and knocks again. The doors won’t open.

“Sir?” Don turns to a person, passing by, “we need to open this door. Would you be so kind?”

The giant cautiously steps towards the shop and waves a hand. The glass doors slide open. Smiling at the little humans, he jogs away. His Nikes drum the floor for a long minute, before getting lost in the random humming.

“Hey! We’d like to buy two pairs of boots. One pink, one blue.”

“Make it orange,” comments Don.

“Ah, there you are. Welcome to Nike Moon Five, little humans. Please step up!” The giant lady stretches her hand to accommodate her new clients in her palm. Pivoting like a gracious crane, she deposes them on a shelf to the right. A friendly booth for humans, crammed with tiny shoes and tall boots: ergonomic, adjustable sizes, performance driven, fashion shaped and more sports models we still have to hear about.

Doris chooses a pink pair of thigh high athletic boots. No heels – that’s what athletic stands for. Don goes for the orange knee tight ‘Great Leap Nike’ brand, specially designed for humans.

“Miss, can we jump in these from this height?”

“You can safely jump from a hundred meters high. There’s an interface for each wrist in the gloves. It shows you the distance, the speed, warns you about accelerations and averts G-force spikes.”

“Gloves? What gloves? Do we need gloves?”

“All boots come with elbow tight gloves. You’ll need the gloves by all means.”

“The Moon is a funny place. You can’t have boots without gloves,” chuckles Doris.

“Rather a dangerous neighborhood. Any helmets we need?,” screams Don to the lady.

“Not if you keep jumping on our plate. But if you plan a trip to the deeper levels, then I recommend you wear complete armor suits. We store these on another shelf, if you wish.”

“No, no. Thank you. We’ll stay on this plate.”

“We’re just visiting. A family member gave birth to twins. We came to bring our best wishes.”

“Day! I know her well. You’re family with Day? Oh, please allow me to introduce myself. I am GULL, happy to meet you.”

“I am Doris, DOR in my prior life as a giant, and he is Don, same before. Nice to meet you, GULL.”

“Blue blooded, right?”

“In the prior, yes. We’re now red blooded humans.”

“Can see that. Sorry for your deaths. The sad story of your planet has moved many hearts in Asgard.”

“Thank you very much. You’re a volunteer, right?”

“Arrived with the tenth transport. Yes. Day speaks highly of you. She said that you were revolutionaries.”

“In another life. Now we’re more like pimping around.”

“Indeed you are. Do you wish I keep you company while visiting Day?”

“We’ll be delighted. How about your shop?”

“Set to Amazon mode. We may go together. This way!” The doors close behind them.

“Can we jump?” Asks Don, curious to test the Nike boots-with-gloves equipment.

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