Destinations 7.

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Chapter 19

Two weeks later.


“I am the last one, Eli.”

“Good. Beam back to your initial location. And Godspeed!”

Swoosh, the man beamed away, leaving behind a whiff of ozone.

Alone on the ice plateau, Elijah speaks. “Yasu, I’ve trained Your men. Bring me mine.”

Seven thousand new men appear on the plateau, surrounding Elijah, swiftly.

“Come closer. Yes, you. Look in my eyes. Like this. Good. Next!”

Tomorrow. “Next!”

“No one behind me, Eli.”

“Good. Move on and Godspeed!”

Alone again above the ice, Eli takes a walk to the square. Looking down the pit, seeing black, he turns around, makes a few more steps and swoosh, beams away in a blue light.

The cupola glimmers a second more, then it evaporates. Swiftly.

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