Destinations 7.

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Chapter 29

Five seconds later. Doris puts her palm in her husband’s hand, nods and – all of a sudden – they jump together. Through the wall. Yes.

Aghast, Day screams at GULL, “what was that?, where are the little humans?, don’t you dare tell me that they jumped, did they?”

“They did,” sighs GULL, “I-- I don’t know how they managed to break it through the iron wall. That should be impossible. I suppose.”

“Let me see... Nope, not impossible. Not sure what impossible means, after all. Look, the wall is black when idle, then if you push hard enough, it turns transparent, like glass. Why that?” Blank stares. “No need to scratch your beautiful head with this. The intelligent iron lattice resonates within the exact ranges demanded by the pushers’ minds. If you wish to see, then the wall will allow you that. If you wish to break through, then the wall will let you pass. Your mind dictates the ranges of resonance.”

“Ain’t there any safeguards?”

“Only inside your mind: if you don’t know what to do, if you can’t tell the wall, then you are safe.”

“So we’ve just lost Doris and Don.”

“They lost us. God knows.”

Holding hands, the two pale giantesses walk away from the wall, one to her twins, the other to her shoes shop.”

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