Destinations 7.

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Chapter 3

“What is this? Rolf! Don’t you tell me that this...”

“Yes, this is Astarte. Here and there. The remains of her, separated by the scissors of that flying skull.”

“Damn dragons. I have totally forgotten about those two eggs left behind.”

“You mean?”

“Never mind. Astarte is dead. This is news. Bad news. Very bad news. Indeed.”

“I can tell.”

“You can’t tell anything, little man. Tell what?”

“Nothing. I’d rather keep my mouth shut.”

“Good. Take me back to my Command Center. Level 191.”

No word said, Rolf guides his glisseur Westwards, then down into the shadows of the Richat chasm, losing his trace among the numerous tunnels, up to level 191 – Rebecca’s Command Center.

Stepping aside, she orders the gates to open. Followed by her old man Rolf, she feels so good being applauded, saluted, whistled and acclaimed. Reaching the central pad, she takes a serious air and asks for “Status update!”

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