Destinations 7.

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Chapter 31

Leap, leap, leap. “Here we are, OMG!”

Two giant stones, blue silhouettes, sitting in lotus, not laying on their backs like all the others. One male and one female. “These two who sit like Buddhas, they alter the electric field.”

“Do you presume what I presume?”

“Yes. Could be DON and DOR, our own avatars. How about?--” Don stops talking as he runs to stop Doris. “What are you doing? Don’t touch her! Better touch him!”

“Oh, really? Why can’t I touch my own avatar, eh?”

“Trust me, this time like many other times. If there’s a circuit breaker, which I assume that there has to be, then you risk instant death, or some terrible damage. Please, Doris, touch my avatar instead. And I’ll touch yours.”

“Uhm, good, and we’ll exchange the info, promise?”

“Promise! My mind is an open book to you. As always.”

“Hear the hissing?”

“Not any more. It’s gone. We’ve balanced the loads.”

“I feel elated, Don. But your avatar, the prior DON, the big one, doesn’t tell me anything. Hum...”

“Same silence on my front, dear. Your impressive DOR won’t speak a word to me. Sigh. How about we do more than touching?”

“You pervert! What do you mean.”

“Look at their palms, how they keep them open, relaxing on their knees. How about we jump up there and sit in their palms?”

“Taking the same Buddah position as they do. You’re my favorite perv. I love your mind.”

“Just my mind?”

“Well, jump, dear, jump, don’t waste time.”

“We’ve got all the time in the world.”

“World or worlds?”

“Worlds of worlds. Wisdom makes worlds come to be. Let peace precede my paths.”

“I’ll keep mine behind The Word. Let Iisus Xristos Pantokrator precede us and keep us above the abyss. Do you feel the pull?”

“It pulls us down, or up?, which is which? I feel the pull. Do not resist. Allow the pull.”

“Fuck, Doris, I’m losing you. Keep tight. Do not allow the pull. Repeat, do NOT allow the pull!”

Out of his little lotus, Don jumps like a cat (that’s a rare one), from avatar to avatar, landing on Doris, disturbing her lotus, dragging her down, touching the chrome plated floor, rather violently.

“You imbecile. What do you think you’re doing? Are you out of your mind?”

“Me? Totally in control of my mind. Which I cannot say about you. Allow the pull, eh? Can you fathom what you were saying?, where were you heading?”

“What? Where?”

“To Nirvana, to Tartarus, to a gloom so thick that no one but The Word can cut through it, to obliteration and oblivion. You silly woman.”

“Oh, sounds worse than death.”

“Because it is.”

“So it is there, if the meaning of ‘there’ makes any sense anymore, that our prior avatars have gone?”

“These statues, these petrified bodies, they are the sign of hope. I trust that our Lord will revive them, at His discretion. But until that moment, we’d better get the hell out of here.”

“Following you. Show me the way out!”

“Laugh at me or not. Fear my madness or not. Here’s the path: you go touch your own avatar and I’ll touch my own here. This--”

“You were just saying that this could be lethal. Didn’t you?”

“I did. Could be. Anyway, not worse than electrocution.”

“Compared to the pull down into the deep, I’ll take the electro shock. Watch me!” Doris touching the sitting stone of DOR. Doris out of the picture.

“Ah, well.” Don touching the sitting stone of DON. Don out of the picture.

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