Destinations 7.

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Chapter 37

“What you just showed me, Don? What was that?,” wonders Doris taking a step back. No, two steps.

“An alternative reality.”

“What alternative reality?”

“The one, or one of those, premeditated by this chimera thing, would have I listened and shared the coordinates she handled us, oh, so magnanimously.”

“You mean? I don’t understand.”

“Kronos has the ability to run a universal psychosis. Sort of simulating reality on such a large scale that one’s mind can’t make the difference.”

“You said that you didn’t share the coordinates with Kronos.”

“I didn’t. But I hacked the code for this scenario, sandboxed it throughout the Northern sky constellations, made them believe it, live by it, follow it, trust their lives on it. Then pinged the Asgards of an imminent threat. Look at the desert now. Contemplate the desolation.”

“Reptilians out of the game.”

“Well, not all of them. Just those who wished to play chimera games with our Lord.”

“What has Yasu to do with this hack of yours?”

“Do you really think that I’m that smart? I’m always running my backups. In the Cloud, ya know.”


“Green. Gunpowder green, please.”

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