Destinations 7.

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Chapter 39

Next to this neverending mirror, at the edge of the Sigma Sector, the snake sits tight, like an invisible segment of kerbstones. Almost invisible. Because Rivkah has the capability to see it. One cannot tell the same about Matild who, absorbed by the anomaly, gets closer to scan it, to identify it.

Too bad. And too late.

The snake surrounds Matild in ten milliseconds, engulfs her entire body in another twenty, raising like a small tornado from the ground up, and, within the same second, emerges as a two meters tall strawberry blond guy with a beard. Dark blue eyes.

“Oh my God!”

“Yes? How can I help you?”

“Fuck off, you virus,” rattles Rivkah with an intention to step back, averted. Now she keeps her ground. “Give Matild back to her body.”

“What Matild? There is no Matild.”

“You killer, if there’s no Matild to parasite, then who do you impersonate now?

“Really, mum? You didn’t figure this out yet?”

“Ha-haah! Gotcha! Calling me mum is such an unfortunate saying. For me, because I was barren and the only thing given me to carry was not a baby. For you, because you never were and you never will be, that because you cannot be. Really, you damn thing? You call me ‘mum’ and expect I call you what? Tell me!”

“I am Jesus.”

“Yeah, and I am Madonna, like a virgin. LMFAO.”

“Yo’ ass ain’t fat, mum.”

“Now you can play some roles. I’ll give you that. So this is it. You’re gonna fly all over, round and round above the heads of these Catholics and pretend that you’re god and all that?”

“You know what, mum? I wished I could fool you. I almost succeeded with my prior mother. But deception works only that far. Astarte caught me. Eventually. Damn cursed Hades. How much he should have enjoyed spitting his secret into your face, into my mind. O, that was a terrible defeat.”

“Feels bad to be deceived by your own, eh?”

“Deep and painful emptiness. Let me take my revenge. I’ll show them all.”

“What exactly? What are you up to? Oh no--- Oh, no no no...”

“Oh, yes. You can read my mind already?”

“I always could. No biggie. But you’ll have to speak out what you wish to--”

“I wish to fuck you, to fecundate you. I know how to fertilize you because I have been in there, inside you. I need to have offspring from you. More offspring. Mine!”

“Mh-mmm, you don’t say.” Her nails, rather long and well polished, turn red, dark red, dark thick crimson, dark dripping bloody nails.

“What have you done? You whore! You hellish woman!!”

“Me? Not much, actually. But a guy like you wearing a dick between his legs? You gotta be kidding me. Honestly, you look better as Barbie’s Ken, dickless jesus. Women all around the Katholikos will thank me. I can tell you that. Virus!”

“Jesus has a dick.”

“Of course. I’ve seen it, even felt it. Divine.”

“Why, God?? Why???--”

“No need to make a scene. He’s not hearing you. At all. Last time He talked to me, He gave me free hand. See the nails on my hand? Wish I cut your balls off now? One by one?”

“No, no, please! Spare my balls.”

“Hmm, if you behave. I’ll think about it. But let me tell you something: if you grow that dick back (I know you can do that) and if you dare to make a move on a woman, any woman!, then I’ll cut your balls off. No warning!”

“Release me!”

“Well, well. No promise. But you may go, for now. Fly away, virus, before I’ll change my mind.”

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