Destinations 7.

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Chapter 4

“Her voice is not her voice.”

“What do you mean, my dear sister?”

“Look, Saturn, why do you keep calling me your dear sister?”

“Because you are dear to me. And why do you call me your little brother?”

“Because I am older than you.”

“Fifty-two seconds older.”

“That counts, right? What about Rebecca’s voice?”

“It sounds like her and then it doesn’t.”

“Aunt Beatrice, before quitting this plane of existence, said that she knows...”

“What she spoke, what she knew, is what I fear to know, to speak.”

“But you must. Or shall I?”

“It’s on me, sis. Lucifer had our father replace the first number with an iteration. Which has given precedence to void over value. Thus crumpling the fabric of reality, ending up with the illusion of black holes – actually two-dimensional black decks where...”

“Where the fleets sailing for Venus, in support of Astarte’s Insurrection, have been trapped. Oh my! Oh my God! This can’t be...”

“It is. My inertia effect is fading against the restoration of the old order of heavens.”

“You mean? You... Don’t tell me...”

“I do tell you. The old fabric of the Prior Ages, the white universe, the real time matrix is coming back.”

“What if it was never gone? Just that our father’s illusions – abysses, voids and darkness – are vanishing?”

“Given that our father is no more, it makes sense to me. Heavens tidy up.”

“The time traps, the so-called black holes, will allow their prey to sail free.”

“It’s done already. Time traps are no more. Ships sailed out. They circle our system.”

“Our two-star system?”

“As they knew it for eons.”

“How comes that nothing shows up on the radars? You talking about entire fleets, right?”

“Right, thousands and thousands of ships. We can’t detect them because we’re still caught in a time trap. Unlike the rest of the universe.”

“Okay, Saturn, listen to me! I might be the psycho sister while you are the astro brother, but I see no black hole (or whatever fancy name they’d come up with) lurking around. How comes that we’re caught in a time trap then?”

“Black holes, or decks, were consequences, or symptoms, of geometric functions resulting out of fractal symmetries, or asymmetries. When I tell you that there is no time trap out in the universe, that there is one time trap left surrounding our system, then you need not look for the consequence but rather consider the cause. Think Easter, think!”

“The Virus! The number zero, the iteration is here. Among us. Aunt Beatrice sensed it. Why can’t I? Can you feel it?”

“I just demonstrated its presence to you, dear sis.”

“Look, smart ass bro, I am not talking about demonstrations here. Can you sense it? Because I cannot.”

“Neither do I. But the math adds up. It has to be here. Then we’ve got Aunt Beatrice’s observation.”

“Saturn, I agree with you. This is not a topic of if. Why can’t we sense this thing, the way Aunt Beatrice did. The question is why not if. Do you get it?”

“I get it. And I don’t know why. That should belong to your field of expertise, the ‘why’ thing. I did the math, my part of the equation. So Easter, why?”

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