Destinations 7.

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Chapter 40

The scent of desolation is in the air. All around the Katholikos. Not since now, by the presence of the virus. Nor since three weeks ago, by the absence of his mother. His initial mother – seems that this kind of virus may have two mothers. But ever since the Katholikos has been erected, like a carousel of steel and chrome and vanadium, like the most majestic venture of humankind.

One religion derives from another, each one builds hope, promising salvation, and ends up in deception. In spite of all the expectations, faith alone can’t save a person. Only one person’s faith in another person will bring solace. Only faith in Iisus Xristos brings salvation, complete restoration and return to the state of being. To The Word whence any person comes from.

This simple solution, even if disregarded by many religious people, is well known by the virus. A well vested connoisseur, the accuser of Adamkind has a flair for religion. He is the best at falsifying faith.

The greatest Christian of all times, look, is now flying across the Katholikos. He brings a mouthful of hope, a handful of promise and a payload of good intentions. All that he asks in exchange is adoration. Perfect, ultimate veneration. No questions asked. He wants, he needs to feel like he is everything.

Every nothing needs that.

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