Destinations 7.

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Chapter 47


“Yes, snake.”

“Is the temple ready?”


“I thought you were getting the temple ready for me.”

“What you thought is what you thought. Wishful thinking.”

“But you promised me. I wish to have it! What kind of mum are you?”

“The kind you deserve. If you wish for something, come and get it.”

“It’s a temple, goddammit, a building that someone should build.”

“Go ahead. Build it.”

“But I cannot leave my worshipers up here in empty space.”

“Then don’t build it.”

“I need that temple. It’s the pinnacle of my entire existence.”

“Your entire what?”

“Never mind. Guess I’ll descend to Jerusalem to build the temple.”

“You a constructor?”

“No, mum. I’ll find the architects and the builders down there.”

“Good for you then.”

“Hate you, mum.”

“Hate you too.”

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