Destinations 7.

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Chapter 49

March through early April, 2195 – syndicated news on sahara.cron – excerpts.


“In an unprecedented effort, the brave Engineer Troops of the Russian Army have finalized the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Our constructors needed no more than two weeks to raise this monumental building from the ground up. The historically controversial Temple Mount falls inside the perimeter secured by OMON. Stray groups of extremists and militants have been either captured or annihilated prior to the construction of the New Temple of God. The Tsarist Directorate for the Holy Land is proud to inform all believers of planet Earth that, starting tomorrow, lord Jesus will descend to govern us from within his holy Temple. The pinnacle of history. Tomorrow! Join us live!” – 20th of March, AD 2195, Byzantium, The Eastern Empire.


“La Royale, pre-eminent across the entire Mediterranean, keeps spraying huge amounts of sea water up in the atmosphere, in direction East, over the Israeli coast, necessary to ensure a mild climate for the Russian Forces involved in the building of the Temple. Because of the terrible drought across Europe and the Levant, the French Navy had to take extreme measures in order to insure this remarkable feat.”

Sahara.cron – 21st of March, AD 2195, Paris, France.


“This Jesus is not the One. He raptured over a hundred millions in a shabby carousel only to abandon them. Easter and Saturn are now taking care of our deceived brothers and sisters out there. Take your telescopes and watch the sky at night. Look for the two olive trees in the sky. This is all you have to do. Then think!”

Denzel Washington, Actor.


“You want rain to grow your crops? Do not bow your knee to this fake god.”

“You want a clear sky to ripe and harvest your crops? Do not listen to his lies.”

“You want peace in your soul? Keep saying this mantra: Oh, Lord, Yasu Khrist, Son of God, have mercy on me; keep your eyes open and your pineal gland caressed by the energies of the two suns, look at the olive trees when nights bring the shadow over your head, thank Jesus of Nazareth and patiently await for His Parousia. Because it is nigh. This shiny temple is built by man and machine. The True Temple resides within your heart, between the interstitium in your body and the aura of your soul, the True Temple is Yasu Khrist Himself, Son of Adam, Son of the Ever-Living. Rejoice!”

@Hackme.if.u.kann – runner, the TRUMP Tunnels Network.


“Jesus of Nazareth had a girlfriend, Mary of Magdala. A sex worker. This other Jesus has no friend, only subjects.” #WeAreMany


“I know the mother of this Jesus. She is not a virgin.”

Rolf Radetzky, Pilot.


“I am the mother of this snake. Why do you call him Jesus?”

Rebecca Johannson, Agent provocateur.


“The domain sahara.cron has been seized by le Parquet du Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris.” – this the official notice, top of the page.

“F0Ck CENSORSHIP! Until further notice, all web instances are down, frozen, unreachable on sahara.cron – Fuck ’em Froggs. But hey! YouGottaBkiddiNMe, right? CLICK HERE for SAHARA.XXX – the new domain live, hosting every old post and image. Astarte LIVES!” – dahGeekMONK from Tibet Libre.


“Throughout the Second Renaissance, XXX used to be a mark for porn. Announcing the dawns before the epoch of Astarte – the female that proved that porn is nothing. Some times, like these times, nothing can be everything. Find everything under the same mark of XXX. It is not the mark that matters.”

Remember, remember the 5th of November, Anonymous.


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