Destinations 7.

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Chapter 51

“How do you wish to get this done?”



“That was it? No rewind? No pain? No sorrow?”

“Ah, I see. You’ve still got your memories as memories.”

“What do You mean by this: still having our memories as memories?”

“When you’ll have foregone memories embedded as features, then you may learn without suffering, know without dying, you will rejoice without looking back at sadness. This is but a session switch. For now.”

“Hum, memories won’t be erased but demoted and then promoted as features, intrinsic to our being. Embedded. Cool. No reboot?”

“No reboot. Now, I only locked an old session, captured all processes, suspended the old session, initiated a new session, transferred all processes into the new. In Greek, Yohn has written about this session switch here, in Revelation 2:17. And he who has an ear, let him hear what The Spirit speaks to the assemblies: ‘To the one who is victorious I shall give of the manna which is hidden, and I shall give him a white pebble, and upon the pebble, a name in writing that no man knows except he who receives.’”

“How about the reboot?”

“Coming up next. Thousand years said those not knowing what a year means. A day, maybe two, would say one that won’t care about matters of time, or sequences, encapsulated within My sessions. Until then, tell Me how do you enjoy your new bodies. Enhanced?”


“Your English is impressive, Doris. I’ve gotta run an errand. You may follow if you wish.”

// End of Book 7 – Destinations. Ommm

To be continued

(The next novel in the works: Book 6 – Sequences.)

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