Destinations 7.

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Chapter 9

The lift has reached its last level, at the very bottom of the pillar. Level 12901. Our brave Pioneers suffered a great deal to push the pillar this deep down inside the earth. As far as I remember, which I do quite well, they still had to dig farther in order to overcome the meandering depths beneath the bottom of the pit, that used to be covered by the Eye of Africa. They didn’t. Pricks. Now I’ve gotta walk all by myself.

Walk or jump? Don’t look down, Rebecca. Oh do look down, mother. Do you want to break a bone? Walk then. Jump not. What the fuck, Rebecca, are you going bipolar?

Think I am. Never mind. Jump! And I jump. Fuck that goes dark and deep. Can’t see a thing. Not even the film of my life. Which is good, because I’m not gonna die today.

I like the breeze on my pussy. Kind of refreshing. Feels cool. Shouldn’t the air get hotter as I dive closer to the center of the earth? Maybe it’s the speed. The faster I fall, the cooler it gets.

Can I breathe? Of course I can. Do I feel the breeze? Not as much as I did. Hmmm, something is wrong. Am I slowing down? Falling down the pit and slowing down? Does it make sense to you?

Nor to me.

We do not know what is happening to us. Other than falling.

Falling, we stop. Touching, I feel water, tepid water, under my soles. I walk on it.

Can walk on water. Groovy!


Can’t breathe under water. Damn!

I sank not. I flipped, it seems. Odd things happening to me.

Swim up, Rebecca. Swim!

I drown. No gagging, hmmm? I breathe under water. I can do that. It seems. Wow!

Feel like a fish. Gotta swim up. Or down? The fuck I know where I’m going.

Damn dark these waters. And heavy!

My eyes burn. My skin hurts. But I can move with ease. No ache in my muscles. Actually, I feel good. Tonified. I can swim faster, it seems.

Funny to have your lungs filled with water. Accounting for every oxygen molecule that transfers into your bloodstream, keep swimming, like a fish.

Am I becoming too scrupulous?

Who cares. Just let me get out of these murky waters. Boring as hell. I see no end. What am I thinking here? I can’t see anything. I’m as blind as a bat. I hate water!

There you go, girl. Ouch! Comes the ceiling. The fucking stone ceiling. In my fucking face. Why on earth don’t I have a radar? Bats have radars, no? Or sonars, I suppose.

A sonar, I need to have a sonar!

Ah yes, now I get a glimpse. My brain starts to process the echoes of my moves. Hearing my hands cut the water, I try to visualize them. Wow, that was fast. I can map my moves. I see like a Terminator. T-X or the Terminatrix. Kristanna Loken. Whaddayaknow?

Can I get any taller? That would be fifteen centimeters taller. Nah. Don’t want to break something. But what if?

I inhale more water. Inhaling water? What the hell am I talking here?

Fuck knows. I just need more water in my lungs. And an enhanced imaging system. Which grids up, right in front of my eyes. Am I a Terminatrix? If I wish to be, why not!

Make it red. No, no, better return to green. I like green.

The ceiling extends forever. I hate this ceiling. And it’s no stone that makes it. No mineral, no metal that I know of. Coal black. A perfect surface. Is this carbon? Not the carbon that my sensors can recognize.

Black waters. Black ceiling. I hate black.

And why the hell it lasts so long? Where’s the end of it?

Let me see how far my sonar can reach. Let’s make more sense of the echoes. It’s a damn sphere, a perfect sphere. No relief, no hills, no valleys. No holes to pass through. Now that’s bad news. I guess.

I think I’m about to go crazy. Not a first for me. I can’t tell the date because there’s no day and no night down here. Just this endless ocean, this boundless ceiling. Coal black.

Two weeks gone. Since I started counting the seconds, well, the milliseconds, with this Terminatrix mindkit. If that can relate to reality, a way or another.

Maybe I gotta change my primary weapon. Hey! Which is my primary weapon?

I swim naked throughout a subterranean ocean, under a black ceiling, presumably made of carbon. Of some form of carbon that I haven’t heard of. And my primary weapon should be... is? Ah, there you go. Damn we!

Are you an advantage or a hindrance? What are you?

Hell, answer me! What are you? What are we?

Bringers. Bringers of what? Do we bring something?

Light. Light bringers. We are light bringers.

Uhm. Light, photons. There are no photons down here. How comes?

Photons and electrons exchange... Damn right, Rebecca. Fuck your sonar. Fuck blindness. Fucking stupid bat I was all this time. Let me reprogram the mindkit to detect electromagnetism.

There you go, girl. Magnetic field lines. Make them yellow, yes!

Now we’re talking. The North, this way! Swim North, my girl, swim North!

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