Among the Stars

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Chapter 3

Amazi spit out the grappa melon that she had been chewing on. “You want me to go where?”

“To Terra.” The king replied as if he were stating the sky were blue or that the planet rotated around Nexus.

“Why would you want me to go to Terra?” Amazi asked. “You could not possibly have a reasonable explanation for wanting me to go to Terra.”

“I’m glad you asked. You see, for the longest time I have wanted to have a better understanding of the world around us. We trade and coexist with these people, so why not be savvy in who they are. I want to grasp what life on their planets is like. I want to learn what they do with what we give them in exchange for food. I want to comprehend the individual beauty of everything and everyone on each of the planets. Space seems so vast. I want us to explore it someday and find what there is in the Cosmos. It’s ignorant to believe we are all alone in such a vast place.” Amando replied. His eyes were gazing off dreamily as if imagining worlds and stars far far away, waiting for him to discover them.

“And is that all? You want me to learn all there is to know about the planets?” Amazi wondered. It seemed like a lot to do and much above her talents.

“No. I also need you to become acquainted with the Seven.” Amando added.

“What are the Seven?”

King Amando frowned. “That my dear is for you to find out. Alas, all I know is they created these beautiful worlds. I want to master all there is to know about them. Where they themselves came from and who they were… I feel the need to fathom the knowledge with a fiery burn inside me.”

Amazi looked down at her food. “I don’t see how I would be much help. I’m not much of a storyteller, painter, researcher, or writer.” Amando frowned at her and Amazi continued. “Don’t get me wrong! All I’ve wanted my whole life is to travel to the other worlds. I just don’t think I’m going to be able to accomplish what you want. I have no talent.”

The king took her hands in his. “That is exactly why you are perfect for the job Amazi.”

Amazi’s face scrunched up in confusion. “I don’t see what you mean?”

“How many people have you met from this world that talk of visiting other planets?” Amando asked. None of the people on this planet want anything with even the surface world Amazi thought.

“None that I know of.” Amazi answered then mumbled under her breath. “Then again I don’t talk too many people. If I did I doubt they would want to leave Nero.”

Amando nodded, only hearing the first part. “That’s because there are none. All trade of our planet happens by others visiting us or by auto piloted crafts. No one ever leaves our planet that belongs here. It isn’t because they are incapable, it’s because they don’t have the desire to.”

“Would I have to fly a ship?” Amazi squeaked in panic. If so she was likely to crash into the nearest star or meteor and burst into flames. Her heart hammered in her chest and her stomach flopped. The idea of flying was more terrifying to her than public speaking and she could hardly handle talking one on one.

The king threw his whole head back in laughter. “Of course not. You would ride inside one of the auto piloted ships and when you landed you would take on the responsibility of documenting your experience and researching the Seven. When you felt you had gathered a complete record you would return here, to the palace.”

“I think I could manage not to mess that up.” Amazi replied after a moment. The king’s eyes sparkled at her and he gave her a dazzling toothy grin. Amazi figured that she would not have to do much on her own. The people on Terra would be familiar with the planet they grew up on, just like she was knowledgeable of Nero.

Amando clapped his hands together. “Fantastic, your craft leaves in a week with the next trade shipment.”

“A w-week? That’s all?” Amazi stuttered. A whole new place with a completely different language and a very different culture with so little time to prepare to take it all in. Also, Amazi was never much of a social being. She would definitely have to talk to people to give the king a realistic picture of what life was like on Terra. The idea made her queasy. She thought she would have more time to prepare herself for social interaction. Just talking to Amando like she had for the day had made her exhausted.

“I know it’s a long time to wait. I know you’re excited. Just think of it in terms of this… you’ve waited your whole life for this. What’s one more week?” Amazi had never met a person who had interpreted what she was feeling more wrong than King Amando in that moment. “Oh, also we will provide you with all the food and currency you will need while on your trip, so you don’t even have to worry about packing.” That’s something at least, Amazi thought.

“Thank you, your highness. Now if you’ll excuse me I would like to return to my room. I want to think through this journey to do it justice.” Amazi lied. Really, she wanted to sleep and make the uneasy feeling in her stomach go away.

“Of course, Amazi. Have a glorious night.”

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