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"My loyalty is to the order." I stared at her in disbelief. Alphacom was known for donating to charities and helping others, but they have a dark secret. They are the Order of the Twelve, and they are producing Human Hybrids, half human half machines. Astral is one of the hybrids. She was adopted by the Order's second in command Michelle and became engulfed in their wealth. Soon her perfect life changes when she gets her command, A command she cannot refuse. Go to the United States convince them to buy the hybrids. But when Astral soon releases the true meaning of her command, she knows she must take action. Can she stop the word from completely destroying itself?

Scifi / Thriller
Arravissa Count
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I looked at myself in mirror, taking in everything I was wearing. The long purple silk dress that fell past my ankles, The pure white necklaces that laid dormant around my neck, and the long sparkling golden earrings that dangled from my earlobes, completing the dress. “I look awful.”

I reached back to take off the dress but before I can there was a knocking at the bedroom door. The Servants was checking in with me every minute or so and It was really starting to tick me off. I take a deep breathe, the cold air filling my lungs, as I stomp over to the door and open it. As I suspected, one of my measly servants were waiting for me.

“Madam Astral.” He said nervously, “Your parents are wai...”

“Shut. Up.” I said interrupting him. “Tell my mother that I’m not ready yet.” I said through my teeth. The servant must have felt my anger as he just quickly nodded and ran off. I turn around and closed the door behind me. I get all my anger out and walk back to the mirror. I looked at my face. My golden, silk-like blond hair was restrained back into a Greek goddess braid allowing my bright hazel blue eyes to light up. My makeup made my tiny light freckles pop out as they matched up with my snowy white skin ,and the dark eyeliner. Most of my friends would tell me that I would make any man beg for my heart but I still thought I looked atrocious.

I knew there was no time to change into a different dress. I had to swallow my guilt and I finally walked out of the room. As I did, I saw another servant standing in front of me. The sheer look of terror on his face when he saw me open the door was hysterical. I chuckled a bit as I walked right past him, his face still as white as a ghost.

As I walked down the hallway all the servants quickly scuffled out. Two servants that were previously talking as quick as lighting started cleaning the nearest thing next to them when they saw me. I glared at them as I passed by. I hated them. All they ever did was sit around and talk instead of working, and we still pay them and feed them. They were selfish and ungrateful.

I value respect more than anything else. I have always been a shining example of the perfect little daughter: prim, proper and always obedient. That is usually the case when I’m around my parents and others above me ,but when I’m around the lower ones, that’s when I finally get my voice out, and why shouldn’t that be? I’m better than them so they should have to give me there respect, just as I do to my parents and the rest of Alphacom, the biggest company in the world which my parents are the CEO of.

I entered the main room where my parents were already waiting for me. My mother had put on that too familiar but too stunning dress of hers, A beautiful golden dress that was fit for a queen. I have always envied her for wearing such an eye opening and majestic dress when I have to wear scraps and rags. I’ve tried the dress on me before and I hold no shame when I say it’s perfect for me.

Behind her was my father, wearing his military uniform, decked out in all sorts of medals and military awards. I didn’t really care much about whose life he saved or what bullet he caught during the war, but what I do know is that whatever he did, it made him a national celebrity. And he used that credibility to get into politics. Not that he wasn’t already rich, he just had a big ass ego to keep calm.

“Hello sweetie, are you ready to go?” My mother asked me.

“I guess.” I responded hesitantly. My mom smiled that warm fake ass smile as she placed her hands on my small shoulders.

“You look amazing sweetie. Don’t be such a Debbie downer.” She assured me.

My father annoying scoffed to break up the moment as he walked out the door. My mother angrily and deeply exhaled to let all the frustration out. She looked down at me again and booped my nose.

“Best not be late.” She said smiling as she turned to walk out the door. I put on my heels quickly and followed in pursuit.

As I grew up, I started realizing that neither of my parents liked each other. They, in fact, hated each other and despised being in the other’s presence. Yet they remain loyal to each other, and never even considered some sort of divorce. It was odd, but I grew accustomed to it. At least spared me the embarrassment of any romantic situation between them. We all stepped out into the cold winter night, and made our way to the limousine. I stepped inside as my father waited for me. I sat in the middle, right in front of the mini bar, while my mother and father stayed on separate sides of the vehicle. Another example of how much they innerly loathe each other.

The limo soon drove past the manor gates, and we began to make our way to the banquet hall. We were going to some kind of military ball, which was sponsored by some big-time war-relief charity. I didn’t really care much for politics, these charity events were really only for media praise and to be an excuse to party. My parents usually throw one every month so no one is really surprised when they announce the party a week, or sometimes a few days in advance. But then again, no one is really complaining.

After a 20 minute drive, we arrived at the banquet hall which stood at the edge of the town. As I looked out the window, I took in the surroundings. The hall was facing a barbarically large mountain, covered entirely in the blinding white snow that continues to fall. To it’s left was the snowy forest that surrounded the town, a literal wall that sheltered us rich from the common folk living near the city. And at the front gate, waiting for my arrival was my group of friends.

As the limo stopped at the front entrance and as soon as I walked out, they all came running towards me squealing so high I swore the bats nearby went deaf. Leading the charge was my best friend Amelia, wearing her iconic ruby red dress which matched with black as night hair which at the moment was restrained into a typical ponytail. Her claim to fame was that her parents were both political players in the Sang-Wong empire. She had been studying abroad for the last two years and honestly has no intention of going back.

When she reached me, she wrapped her arms around me and started jumping up and done.

“Oh my god! You came!” She squealed as my other friends quickly arrived to join the hug. They ended up nearly suffocating me, as the weight consumed me and my back felt like it was going to break.

“Yeah, great, you’re going to kill me.” I managed to speak out. They were able to get the message and finally broke the hug. I fixed myself up and looked at them smiling.

“Now, who’s ready to party?”

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