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Chapter 9

"I'm- Ben, I think."

"You think?"

"N-No, my name's Ben."

Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"I believe this isn't how you normally act around women."

"Only when they're like you."

Jennifer woke up. She had another strange dream. She assumed the memory was from when she and Ben had first met.

She noticed she was on the couch. Her head was on Ben's shoulder.

"You're awake." Ben said quietly.

Jennifer got up and turned towards him.

"How did we meet?"

"We were in college. My friends had dared me to ask you out, because you were the most beautiful woman there."

Jennifer laughed. "I doubt that."

"You're at least the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Jennifer leaned in closer to Ben, resisting the urge to kiss him. She didn't know what it was, but she couldn't bring herself to kiss him.

"Continue." she said.

"Anyway, your roommates were there. You were laughing. I had failed to even say my name. I guess you just took pity on me or something, so you gave me your number."

"Look, you don't have to keep unsuccessfully flirting with me. You already have my number. Now go over to your friends."

Jennifer shook her head.

"What is it?" Ben asked.

"Nothing, just...." She couldn't think of a word to describe it.

"A memory?"

"I think so."

Ben nodded.

Jennifer changed the subject.

"What happened after I gave you my number?"

"We went out for 3 years, broke up, and then dated for 2 more years before getting engaged."

"When did we get engaged?"

"After 5 years." Ben said, avoiding the question again.

Jennifer sighed. She didn't know what why Ben was so against telling her what happened.

"You know what I mean. When did we get engaged?" she asked.

"July 24."

"You're impossible." Jennifer said under her breath. She knew she wouldn't find out what Ben was keeping from her today, but sooner or later, he was going to have to tell her.

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