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Chapter 19

Jake went to Sara's apartment. He thought about his conversation with Emily as he drove over there.

She said that Jennifer would come when she got her memories back. If this was true, there was no chance that she would simply allow them to continue the tests on her. Emily believed that she would be able to fight her off, if needed.

Jake sighed. She was naive. She was only 20 years old, and Jennifer was Sara's age. He knew she could handle herself, but he still needed to protect her.

And, she didn't have complete control over Jennifer, as he knew she thought. She only saw her as a test subject, and nothing more. She had to, Jake knew, because if she developed any emotional attachment to one of the subjects, she wouldn't be able to handle it if they died.

Unfortunately, she used the same method with human beings entirely, after a while.

It had been hard for her, as a child, not just because their parents died, but because she had to watch them die. Jake quickly suppressed the memory, and got out of the holo-car.

He walked to the door. It scanned him, like Emily's had, and a few seconds later, it opened.

"Sara?" he asked as he walked in.

"Jake. I tried to call you...." Sara stood up from the couch, but the movement seemed pained.

Jake ran over to her.

"You shouldn't be moving right now," Jake said as he steadied her. "Is everything okay?"

Sara groaned softly, then held her stomach. "I think I'm in labor." she said finally.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. That's why I was trying to call you-" Her words were cut off seemingly by another contraction.

"I'll drive you to the hospital." Jake said as he started to rush her out the door.

He helped her walk outside and they both got into the holo-car as he started driving. Sara smiled reassuringly at him, and Jake tried to smile back. As excited as they both were about the birth of their first child, neither of them had been prepared for it to happen this early in their relationship. While they had known each other for 2 years, they had only been dating for a few months.

They had chosen to keep the gender a surprise, uncommon in their time, with the genetic modification technology. All they knew was that the child was completely healthy and happy.

Jake helped Sara out of the holo-car and led her towards the hospital.

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