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Chapter 20

Jennifer sat on the couch in the living room. Like she had for the past 4 months, she tried to piece together all that had happened before the asteroid. She could remember brief flashes, but nothing more. After she remembered the miscarriage, however, she remembered more of what happened after, but there weren't many positive memories after that.

She tried to think of things Ben had said that helped her remember more, things that he said before the asteroid. She remembered that he used to ask her if she was okay all the time, and annoyed her then the same way it did now. The first time she heard it, it sounded vaguely familiar....

“It’s going to be okay, Jennifer."

Jennifer stood up suddenly, realizing where she recognized that sentence from. Ben had said that to her before the asteroid, and it was the last thing she heard....

She remembered what she was thinking. She relived the moment they noticed the asteroid coming, and when Ben embraced her for the last time....

The lightning crashed. The world was engulfed in an seemingly endless storm....

Jennifer was forced to sit back down as she remembered more.

“It looks like a rock, but it’s oddly large- you don’t think it’s an asteroid do you?”

“No, of course it’s not an asteroid, NASA would’ve destroyed it by now.”

“Hang on, you mentioned that the government has been quiet lately. You don’t think this is why, do you?”

“They would’ve sent a message on the news or something, they can’t just not tell us!”

She clung onto the armrest, forcing herself to breathe as more memories flooded her brain.

“They wouldn’t cause a panic throughout the U.S.”

“Well that worked out well for them.”

“No, there has to be some way to destroy it!”

“It looks like it’s closer now….”

“No! This can’t be happening! We haven’t gotten married yet! We were supposed to have kids-”

“It’s going to be okay, Jennifer.” Ben hugged her.

Then, at that moment, the asteroid hit Earth.

She felt her death. It wasn't painful, it only lasted a second, if not less. Then she remembered her rebirth.

“Subject 114 crashing, Emily! What do we do?”

“Activate operation 77 on her.”

“Operation 77? That operation has never been tested before-“

“Do as I say, Doctor.”

“Activating Operation 77.”

Jennifer gasped as all the details finally came into place.

She remembered it. All of it. Ben, the asteroid, everything.

Ben walked into the room.

"Jennifer, I-" Ben started to say.

Jennifer walked over to him, and kissed him.

"I've been waiting a million years to do that." Jennifer said.

"So have I."

Ben kissed her again, holding her closer.

All the rest of her memories flooded over her like a crashing wave. It was slower than before, they were less sudden. She kissed Ben back as she remembered the 7 years they had been together. He slowly led her into the bedroom as they continued kissing, and Jennifer embraced the euphoria as everything was finally in place.

Jennifer woke up the next day, with Ben in bed next to her. She smiled, remembering what had happened the night before.

She felt.... free. She had all her memories now, and there was nothing holding her back anymore. She felt like she was a different person than she was before. She felt more like herself.

There was nothing holding her back anymore, not from the one thing that would truly make her free.


She sat up on the edge of the bed as Ben woke up.

"What's wrong, Jennifer?" Ben asked.

"I want to find out who did this to me." Jennifer said.

To be continued....

End of Part I

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