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Chapter 22

Emily approached the archives. She rarely went into the archives, but now she was looking for something specific.

Unfortunately, she sent Jake to lock them, so the system required a password Emily was only 90% sure she knew.

"Please state the current password." the computer said.

"Thunderstorm." Emily responded.

"Password incorrect."

What? I told him to set the password to "Thunderstorm". He must have changed it.... Emily thought.

"Emily." she said out loud.

"Password incorrect."

"Jennifer." Emily's patience was slowly wearing out.

"Password incorrect."

"You have to be kidding me." Emily muttered to herself.

"Password incorrect."

Emily glared at the computer, then sighed, realizing what the password was.

"Sara." she said.

"Password recognized. You have gained entry." The doors opened and Emily walked inside.

Emily was looking for only one thing:

"List Operation 77 side effects."

"Listing Operation 77 side effects, in descending order of likelihood: Nausea, temporary disorientation, fever, permanent disorientation, temporary memory loss, random aggression, temporary hallucinations, permanent memory loss, mild injury or injuries, 3rd degree burns, major injury, death. Subjects can have 1 or more side effects."

Emily took a few seconds to process that information. Jennifer might either have temporary or permanent memory loss. There was almost no way for her to know.

She sighed and went back to her office. The door scanned her, then opened.

If Jennifer's memory loss was permanent, then they wouldn't have to worry about her seeking revenge anytime soon. If it was temporary....

There was a chance that she had already gotten her memories back, which meant that she could come back at any time. Emily knew that the meeting would be more hostile than anything else.

She looked back out the window in the office. She wouldn't let Jennifer succeed in that goal; whether it was revenge or something else.

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