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Chapter 28

Jennifer looked back at Ben, who had finally fallen asleep. She quietly got out of bed, being careful not to wake him up.

She walked back to the holo-computer, taking out a memory drive. She looked back to the bedroom door, which was still open. He was still sleeping.

She walked quietly to the door, and opened it. Cold air rushed through as she stepped outside, closing the door.

She stepped into the holo-car and inserted the memory drive into one of the panels. The car started on its own after calculating the destination.

She sat in the car for what felt like both a minute and an eternity, thinking about her decision. She had to do this, she knew, because she couldn't let what Emily did to her go unexcused; she needed to put an end to Thunderstorm once and for all.

As she stepped out of the car, she no longer felt any hesitation. As she walked over to the door, she no longer felt any emotion other than anger.

And as she opened it, she never felt regret.

An alarm started to go off, and a computerized voice was saying something that she didn't bother to listen to.

A few minutes later, she noticed a man and a woman run over to her.

Jennifer smiled.

"Hello, Emily."

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