The Massive Planet - Deep Contact: The Mission Adventures

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The crew of the space ship, Deep Contact, encounters a massive planet in their path which pulls them in and causes them to fall into it. Deep Contact - a deep space vessel of the Earth, are helplessly pulled into a massive gas giant world that appeared out of nowhere. It’s up to the crew to figure out a way to break out of the gravity pulling them deeper inside. But for some strange reason, they are not falling too fast and the planet didn’t crush the ship before it came close to it. The Captain and crew must race to figure out how to escape this huge world before they crash into its core.

Scifi / Adventure
Jeff Walker
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Prologue - Beyond The Bounderies

“Let there be no doubt, that we were destined to explore the stars. To stretch out our hand and point humanity in the direction to those new worlds we will discover. If we are to survive then we must expand, explore and go beyond the boundaries of our own solar system. But, remember that Earth is always our home, it will be the centre of our universe, and where ever we plant our flag—all are bound to it forever.” - From the Sixth United Earth Core President, Joanna Rose Jermienko

Earth Core United—it has been the central planetary ruling government for nearly two decades; a bi-product of a global warfare, terrorism, corporate interference and numerous uprisings from various nations. Out of the carnage came an agreement to have a central government that benefited all humanity.

From this curious time came great advancements in technology, genetics and a need to expand out into space. Corporations consolidated and combined their wealth into giving the government a ‘new era’ in space. But it came at a cost. Mars would be labeled independent and a planet unrestricted by any Earth taxation. With great reluctance (and the goal of space exploration at stake) the ECU agreed to it.

Mars and Earth where now in a ‘Cold War’ of greedy practices. To be born on Mars was to be raised with privilege and wealth, but if you were from Earth, you were living on a set income they defined for you. A typical scenario of ‘the have’s’ and the ‘have not’s’, yet somehow it all worked out for either side.

During this upheaval of change, a group of intellectually enhanced youth created a sub-section within the governments of both worlds. They were called, Omega Group, the think tank for all of the ECU. They designed the ships, the engines that drove them and became the intermediating force that kept the balance of this fragile alliance.

Deep Contact, the first deep space explorer class vessel, was the result of this combined union of all three branches. It was the most publicized launch of the ECU. They wanted to make it a symbol of a new beginning, the pride of Earth, Mars and Omega Group. It was a way to show that humanity was finally ready to take the step into the unknown.

Christopher Riley, the ranking ECU Space Fleet Officer, was chosen to be the captain of this ship. Having returned from a personal leave of absence (due to his wife’s untimely death), he was given a secretive mission and proceeded immediately without informing his hand picked crew of the true nature of their voyage.

Publicly, they were on a ten year mission to explore space and catalog new planets for further expansion of the ECU, which is what any of them wanted originally, but as to the real nature of the mission? Well, that would be something only the Captain would be burdened with. Even though he chose his crew, he wasn’t sure who he could really trust or even share the information with.

Two years in to the voyage, well beyond the confines of the SOL system, they would finally come face to face with what truly lies out beyond the boundaries, and begin an adventure no one could possibly imagine. With Earth far out of reach, the mission was squarely all on the shoulders of its captain, and of the brave intrepid crew of Deep Contact…

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