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The hell you've created

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She's been with him for her whole life but now that her father is gone, what's a girl to do but search for him of course. In search for her father who had gone missing Aie finds herself in a world like never before. A world filled with destructions and ruins, where none can be trusted. However, with the help of Tyrunkis a black lion-panther hybrid with a dark past of his own she just might find a way to find her father and get the hell out of this dangerous earth. Don't be fooled tho everything is not always as it seems...

Scifi / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 : Muatated creature

"Hey everybody, it’s your girl Aie speaking to you once again! It’s been 4 whole days since entering this hellhole and I still don’t know how to get out of here. It’s currently night time now so the lighting Is a bit off. I’m currently blogging to you all in a jungle. Yes I know pretty crazy right? There’s so many trees and dirt ha-ha. This place could suck your soul dry geez! The worst part in all this is my pet lion-thing sidekic-

“I’m not your pet nor am I your sidekick” Tyrunkis growls , sending Aie one of his famous death glares.

"See! That’s exactly what I’m talking about, all he ever does is nag me! What kind of sidekick does that? Anyways this place is bonkers, during the day there’s so these weird plants you have to avoid. I’ve encountered a few but they were just roses who suck your blood dry, kind off like leeches but bigger and more flowery. I was just laying on the grass one day appreciating how beautiful the roses looked then BAM! It attacked me, good thing I was smart enough to grab a stick and fight it, heh heh"

"Anyways I’m getting off track here but the moon here is really messed up… It’s like’s some kind off mutant switch. As you can see the moon is a crimson red color and shines almost as bright as the sun. I can’t say anything special is happening at the moment but I believe the color attracts the mutants to rise from their sleep, of course I’ve never been close to the monsters before but I’ve seen some when the sun starts to rise. They usually come out from the ground and s-

Crack! Tyrunkis ears pricked up, something was drawing closer and he could feel it. He turned towards Aie in alert but she was too preoccupied with her video. Slowly he stood from the from the piles of leaves he laid on. He stepped forward and bit down on her shirt, tugging it to get her attention.

“Hey what’s the big idea?! I was just getting to the good part of this story”. Aie whined, glaring at Tyrunkis, shutting her camera.

“Something is moving towards us”. Those simple words were enough to change the atmosphere completely, all jokes were set aside.

Aie frowns and tries to shakes his hold off, causing Tyrunkis releases her. She moves towards their camp fire ,placing the camera bag inside her bag before grab her stick close by.

They stand still in silence hearing as the wind whispers around them, back to back they stand looking carefully around for any sudden attack.

“Watch your back Aie, these things are ferrous and could kill you before you can blink”. Aie nods her head, stick positioned and ready to strike.

“Groooaahhh!” A mutant yelled, jumping out from it’s hiding, ready to strike Aie.

Before his claws could do any damage Tyrunkis dashed and hit the Mutant directly on its stomach. The hit hard enough to send the Mutant flying straight at a tree, hitting his body against a tree. The collision was hard and broke a number of trees with it.

“That was a close one, thanks Tyty”. Aie sighed in relief, unaware of how far it was from being over.

“It’s not over yet, so save your praise”. Tyrunkis frowns looking closely at the monster laying still. He could hear the heart beat and that was warning enough for him. “Shit, he's not dead yet”. He thought watching closely as the body began to stand once again.

As the Mutant stood tall Aie was able to get a good look it, he was a dun color with some sort of pinkish red layers which could be seen as exposed flesh. The mole demon began to peal more, and blood had began to leak from all the exposed flesh. The monster sprung from the trees and dived straight to the ground.

“Watch out!” Tyrunkis yelled swinging his tail at Aie, the impact was hard but not hard enough to kill, just enough it move her from where spot she stood as the monster jumped out from there.

“This isn’t good ,ground mutants are a pain”. Tyrunkis tsks, sharply staring at the monster ahead. “ I’ll have to make this quick before things get ugly”. He thought baring his teethes out and sharpening his claws.

“It’s time to end this now!”. Tyrunkis sprints fast at the monster, before opening his mouth wide barring his teeth ready to take a bite of his neck but failed as the Mutant was too quick.

The mutant punched him squire on the jaw causing Tyrunkis to stumble and fall.

“Tyrunkis!” Aie yelled, running towards him with her hands clutching her abdomen, the pain from the Tyrunkis tail collision still very present.

“Stop! You’re no use to me dead!” He yelled, stopping Aie on track, frozen from his words.

“B-But I can’t just leave you”. Aie whispered in frustration, clutching her fist hard.

“I can take care of this just stay away”. He growled , slowly getting up and cracking his jaw. The punch was painful but nothing he hasn’t dealt with before. The Mutant watched him standing , amusement written all over his eyes.

He sprang at Tyrunkis once again aiming for his ribs but the Creature was too fast and he missed. The force from the punch was so hard that it cause the ground beneath to crack.

“Shit, he’s really not playing around”. Tyrunkis decides on another attempt at the Mutant. He speeds up his speed and dashes at the Mutant, biting down hard on his neck. The impact caused them both to fall down as the monster screeched in pain, Tyrunkis teethes still hard against his neck. He pulls at it hard, the sound of bones breaking becoming louder as he thugs at the neck hard until the whole head is ripped off.

Aie watched in disgust , flinching as the head was thrown away.

She turned amber attention away from it and gazed at Tyrunkis who’s breathed harshly. “He must still be in pain”. She thought running towards him. She flung her hands and hugged him tightly, burying her head against his mane.

“You’re so stupid”. She whispers feeling tears run down her cheeks.

“hmm”. Was all the response she got before she was hoisted up from behind.

“Hey, put me down this instance! Have you forgotten that you’re still hurt?!” Aie yelled, trying to wiggle her way out of his grip, wanting to get free but he ignored her and started running off.

“Hey can you at least tell me where you plan on taking me?”. Aie pouted , crossing her arms against her chest looking up at his face.

“Stop being such a baby and just keep quiet”. He said through mind telepathy.

She sticks her tongue out at him and continues with her sulking. At the time the rain began poring down hard and Tyrunkis realized he had to find shelter fast. If they were to get sick now there would be no hospitals to save them.

He spent atleast an hour searching for shelter before finally stumbling upon a cave. Tyrunkis gently places Aie on the ground startling the girl as she had already starting falling asleep.

"W-what?" Aie looked around, rubbing her eyes feeling a mix of drowsiness and confusion. "Are we there yet?"

"Yes, just enter the cave first before you start asking me more questions" Tyrunkis says, rolling his eyes before nudging Aie to get her to move quicker.

She sends him a short glare before entering the caves ahead of him. "You know usually it's smarter for the strongest of the group to enter the scary cave first". She mumbles.

"Unfortunately for you whether I go in first or you do there is danger on both side". He responds sarcastically.

"Hmm!" She crosses her arm's, flaring her nose up, causing him to roll his eyes.

They silently walk further inside the cave, cautiously looking around them. It was too dark for the eyes of an average human but Tyrunkis was able to see due to his night vision. He's fur still wet from the rain

"Are you sure this place isn't dangerous?"Aie asked, feeling a bit nervous. It's not like she was afraid of the dark...no really, the cave was just a bit unsettling that's all...

"Hmm. I think we're far enough". He said, completely ignoring her question. Tyrunkis stopped and shook himself off.

"But it's still dark out here? I can't even see anything". Aie groaned, not liking thee idea of staying in the dark.

"It's fine, just take that stick of yours, snap it in half and place it on the floor".

"What? But what good would that do?". Aie asked in confusion but decided to shrug it off and do what he asked. Carefully she snapped the stick then dropped the stick but while stepping away from it she tripped and landed flat on her back.

"Ouch" She hissed in pain.

Tyrunkis ignored her and closed his eyes. Building up fire inside himself before breathing out hot flames into the stick. Causing it to burn.

Aie watched in the fire intensely, still feeling overwhelmed from its creation. "What the hell! Why didn't you tell me you could do that?!". Aie yelled skeptically.

"You've never asked". He responded , laying himself down on the ground. She could feel her eyes twitching in irritation, annoyed with her friends nonchalant reply.

"Why didn't you roast that thing when you were fighting it?" She asked.

"I was unable to use it because it's not something I ever learned to master. My kind were whipped out before I could really get any proper training". Tyrunkis responds, closing his eyes ready to rest.

"Oh..." was all Aie could think of saying, suddenly feeling a strong wave of guilt consume her. "I'm sorry". She whispered hugging her knees.

"It's fine. It happened a very long time ago I nearly remember anything" he mumbled, he's body still feeling exhausted from the fight. He was beginning to feel sleepy.

Aie watched as Tyrunkis fell asleep, still feeling a bit down for her friend. Sure he was young when the incident had happened but that didn't mean that he wasn't still hurting from it.

She reached out for her pack pack, taking out a tape recorder before pressing the play button.

Recording 1

This is George Kulgar one of the members of protect A.I.I .

My colleges and I have been working on a cure, something that could revolutionize this planet! We have found away to save lives!

The recording stopped.

She stared blankly at the device in her hands before hugging it against her chest. She could fell the hot tears begin to rundown her cheeks but she couldn't help it.

"Where are you dad. Why can't I remember how I got here...some please just answer me." She whispered looking up at the cave top, silently crying her hear out.

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