Journey Into The End

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Scifi / Drama
Jeff Walker
Work in progress
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“The new is old and what is old is new. Time will change, but we will not, like an anchor we are held in its shore. We are forever and forever will we be – Timeless.”

Lord Governor Max Strighton had lived his entire life by his mentor’s old quote. It gave him purpose and shaped the ideology he would bring with him as one of the five leaders of the Orion Galactic Union. Humanity had travelled the entire universe and back again, only to discover that they are the only ones living in it – or so historical records stated. But even he, a well educated man of his time; who majored in archeology and historical restoration, knew well enough that it could be re-written over the course of time. Omitted facts or discoveries where bound to occur. It usually happened when those seeking power wanted to shape the future and past to their own narrow views. And occasionally it did tend to bury secrets and truths from the rest of society as billions of centuries progressed.

Humanity did its best to restore those lost facts over the course of time and even tried to re-incorporate it back into the fold.

And while the new version of ancient history might be flawed and lacking in some detail, it was enough for him to know that humans have lived too long. When history and leaders begin repeating the same patterns, it is a sign that things have come full circle. And now, they’ve reached the end, time has run out for all of them and the universe.

A breakthrough long ago in the scientific community revealed the true age and life span of the universe. They were able to scan the space-time continuum and observe the neutrinos as they slowly broke down over time. Using super intelligent computers to calculate the rate of decay, they were able to pin point its exact birth of creation and its inevitable end. It was a shock to learn how little time we had left. The human colonized galaxies used this excuse to go to war. Wiping out enemies and trying to be the last ones to live in a dying universe. Many tried to escape fate by crossing into other dimensions, parallel universes, and even invading other time streams. But nothing worked. Time’s end was coming no matter where or when they were. Many perished during those times and were lost forever. Those that were left banded together and chose to live out their lives for however long they had. Max Strighton felt strongly about this as well. It was better to live as the fully evolved being we had become, and not revert to the primal instinct for self preservation by spiralling into chaos.

It was time for acceptance. Time for humanity to bow out gracefully and show pride in how far we had come, but most of all, it was time for it all to end – the universe, us and time – everything.

The clock was finally counting down and there was nothing left to do but wait.

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