The Unthinkable

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The world's pollution has led to people hardly surviving. Will Lilie survive?What will happen between her and Charly?What really is the Perlustration? Plastic Pollution got out of control causing our waters to be permanently infected. Nobody has survived when consuming the toxins. Three class are made. Floaters. Dry landers. Sky people. Each fighting for survival from what they have. However, scientists find a sudden hope. A new evolution of humans have been created and everyone expects some sort of positive change. But what they find maybe even changes the whole meaning of science itself. Lilie, 16 years old and brought up with no hope of surviving. When she is left to be independent she goes to the only place she has left. The Perlustration. With her horrible childhood, she has strong feelings about the sky people but never expected to meet Charly. 18-year-old Charly is the reason the Perlustration started in the first place. He doesn't agree with his families way of life but has to be grateful for what he has. He only just realizes how badly the world has been treated when he sees the final subjects. The solution to this problem goes against everything. It is truly the Unthinkable. This book is mainly Sci-Fi and Romance but I think it has many genres mixed into one. Also raising awareness to plastic polluting our oceans x

Scifi / Romance
Amy Jo
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Lilies Letter

Day 182. Year of 4020.

The world has taken a dramatic turn of events. Science suddenly seems the world's only hope but it’s leaving us hanging on by hardly even a thread. Any thought of God being our saviour is gone because, what god would do this to the creatures they created?

It is my last day writing to you people of the future as I will turn myself into the dry land tomorrow for the first perlustration as the sky people call it. Because of this, I have decided to finally explain and tell you the truth of our lifestyle. If one day you come across my notes you will understand the sacrifices we have made for hopefully a better world.

It all started with plastic pollution. Chemicals and toxins deteriorating the creatures of the sea that now no longer exist. How I have always wanted to see one but they are extinct, some people even consider them made up and fictional. I, however, think differently; just like my Nana, I believed in their existence because of my nana's stories and pictures.

She would tell us how beautiful and free they were, drawing them as she spoke. I was in awe of such existence where water was clear blue and some clever and well-evolved creatures breath liquids as air. They had names such as 'dolphin' and 'fish' along with dangerous predators like 'shark' plus what Nana called the king of the ocean. A 'whale'.

Anyway back to the story. Pollution deteriorates all creatures in the water leaving 71% and now officially 89% of the world polluted. The now 11% of land left on our world is only used by the middle classed dry landers and high classed sky people.

The Classes:

Lower class- Floaters

I am a floater also known as the poor or polluted. The other classes see us as the cause of the toxic water and lack of food. We live in boats or floating homes where our only survival was from junking.

Junking is when we search the waters for anything at all to sell for food or fresh water. Maybe dropped supplies from the sky people or some floating debris. Anything that we found we sold at the shipping station. The shipping station traded our goods for money from the sky people.

Almost 70% of the remaining population lives on the water as floaters. We are the 'least superior' so 'why give floaters chance at survival? Quoting the sky people.

We will surely die first.

Middle class- Dry Landers

These people have just enough money for a small piece of land. From the stories of retired landowners and now fellow floaters, life was only slightly better on land. You would have more chance of finding food from the small number of land creatures left like squirrels and rabbit plus there are more plants there for farming. However, it is a cruel place.

'Every man/woman for themselves'

That was how the place was described. Fighting and rioting all for land, food, money, water anything possible. Brother turning on brother. Sister turning on sister. Wives killing husbands and visa versa. Nobody was safe.

20% of the population lived there. But it was always shrinking as people either ran away to the floaters or got killed trying to stay.

Higher class- Sky Landers

The superior and rich. Scientists and millionaires which have more money than needed to live with but chose to keep it all to themselves. These snobs will most certainly live the longest as we all are under them, quite literally.

They live up in the sky in expensive sky homes that cover the clouds, stopping any chance of fresh falling water. Living under each home directly are the shipping stations where they take our supplies giving us some money in return. We send them everything we have just so they send us fresh water from the clouds or food from their labs.

They take up only 10% of our population but get the best treatment out of all of us.

Nobody dares to complain because without them we will die. Attacking them will close down the shipping stations stopping food supplies and fresh water. We must live with what has been written out as there is no eraser for the permanent damage we have made on the earth.

Tomorrow will indicate halfway through the year 4020 and scientists have found a life-changing discovery for all of humanity. A new evolution of young humans has been discovered so they want to test, experiment and hopefully discover anything to help our destroyed world.

If families turn their children over at the shipping stations on day 183 they will have a small chance at living in the sky lands. People suddenly went hysterical stealing, imprisoning and killing children to have a chance at living in the sky lands.

I live alone now because of this. People burned my home taking my Nana with it. They searched for me but I had already left on this small junkers boat. I am taking myself to the shipping station. Why? Because I have no other choice. My nana would not die for me to follow. I would do this for her.

One day I want to see the sea creatures as she did. I want to swim in clear blue oceans with beautiful underwater habitats surrounding my feet. I want to go to school and not have to worry about being robbed, stabbed or taken every time I open my eyes from a blink. I want to feel safe.

Science was the only way. This was the only way.

Thank you journal for keeping the truth of humanity in the 41st century. Hopefully, it will all be worth it. Safe travels in these cursed waters.

Lilie, 16

Retired Floater.

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