The soulless road

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A war between humans and demons. Will anyone survive? One woman is determined to at least save the children from being damned to hell. Nevaeh Evangeline just wants to do her job. Finding and protecting the orphans in the front line of the war between humans and demons. But higher forces are preventing her from being able to do her job. Will she persist through this and keep trying or will she turn a blind eye to the orphans and let fate consume them? They may all be doomed to hell if she doesn’t do the right thing.

Scifi / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Ugh...” I moaned and rolled over.

Once again, here I am awake in the middle of the night nauseous, with a bad feeling. Since the beginning of the war between humans and demons, I get this feeling frequently.

My fingers reached out, aching to find my one and only piece of protection. Brushing the long blond hair out of my face I finally touched the blade of my sword with my other hand.

I stood up and attached my gun to one hip and my sword to the other. The gun won’t do much to a demon but it sure can stun them enough so you can find a way out of your situation.

I began marching from cot to cot waking each of the orphans up and telling them to get under their cots. Twenty-four scared eyes looked up at me, from under their cots, as I stood starring at the door, waiting. I knew something was coming, I could sense it.

BAM! The door shook on its hinges as the thing on the other side hit it. The children whimpered and whined, most of them knowing what was coming.

“Ssshhh. You’re going to be okay. I’ll protect you.” I quietly reassured them, never once taking my eyes off the door.

All of a sudden the door busted inwards. Three giant hellcats stood in the doorway. Although they had no lips I could almost sense them grinning at me.

Slowly I drew my sword from my hip holster.

“Bring it on you mangled house kitten!” I yelled placing my body in my fighting stance.

Black blood spurred towards me. The cat jumped back shocked that I had actually maimed him.

In a second he was on me again, knocking me into my back.

‘Damnit’ I thought as I grappled for my missing sword, ’where did it go?’

The cat snapped and snarled, showering my face with black, tarry spit. Reaching down to my hip with my free hand that wasn’t holding back the cat, I grabbed my gun.

Click! Bang! The cat flew back off me. Startled, he looked up at me, a huge chunk of his head missing. He seemed to be trying to regain his composure, which was exactly the second I needed to regain mine too.

I bent down and scooped up my sword. Slicing down through the air I came into contact with his neck, right off the base of his skull. His head rolled off his body onto the floor with a thud.

Rubbing my sore arm, I looked up for the next enemy.

There were blood and body parts everywhere. The other hellcats were gone, as were the children. They were all dead, all their gory parts spread across the cabin.

“Not again!” I growled. My heart ached, this was the fourth time I had been attacked at this cabin this month.

I would have to go back into town and tell my boss that I had failed again. My job was transporting and protecting orphans from the front lines of the war to our safe town. I was a failure once again.

It was a two day hike from the front lines to town. I always stopped at the cabin, which was supposed to be a safe house. Obviously something was wrong. This place made me sick to my stomach.

‘I might as well leave now and get back to town early.’ I thought as I headed out into the night.

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