Project 9/11

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Chapter 18, Day of Reckoning

Chapter 18: Day of Reckoning

Everyone was at the facility earlier than called for. The Electronic Tech people were preparing the Acceleration beam. All the tubes were now aglow like a gaudy neon art installation, it would be used for the first time to truly send Thomas back in time, running simultaneously and overlapping the scheduled programs:

The Boeing would hit the North Tower at exactly eight forty five in the morning, East Coast Time. Thomas would appear in New York Harbor exactly ten minutes before the time of impact.

This would give him time to orient himself, and get in position for the first Jet: American Airline Flight 11, coming in from Boston.

Thomas knew the names of all the hijackers aboard each flight, He would be given a tight framework to operate in before military actions would be started against him. He would be shot at and Air Force jets would be called to destroy him. Only he and the terrorists knew about the dreadful plans already in the works. To observers he would no doubt be seen as the threat.

After the first save he would re position himself, and stand statue still, not speaking a word. The first jet would have been safely set aground with all passengers safe except the terrorists whom he would dispatch. The second jet would arrive eighteen minutes later that would be: United Airlines Flight 175.

The second jet was set to crash into the South Tower at 9:03 AM. Thomas would be waiting. He would carry the two jets up river to be placed at La Guardia Airport.

He would then be phased out of New York and placed into the Potomac river outside the Pentagon, in order to catch Flight 77 before it reached it’s target. If he was not returned to the base at that point, he was to follow the Potomac down to the sea and start swimming; he would be brought back soon after his job was completed.


Everything was ready, Doctor Roth shook his hand and Doctors Fong and Haley escorted Thomas through the enclosed glass entrance, to the chambers entrance, and watched him disrobe, enter and take position. The hydraulic doors were shut and bolted, as so many times before. Today it would be different. Coolant was seen as mist, escaping like steam from the valves, as the particle accelerator warmed up.

Outside, the storm was increasing in intensity. Dr Mendel called for a moment of silence, so prayers might be said, before the launch was initiated. The great machine hummed into action as the green button was pressed.

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