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Chapter 19, A thousand foot Jesus

Chapter 19:A Thousand foot Jesus

Those watching along Battery Park, as well as those within a five mile radius, rubbed their eyes in disbelief. The cold sky took on a glow, the glow transformed itself into a sixteen hundred foot tall image of a boy, standing legs apart, knee deep in the cold water of the harbor just past Liberty Island. The statue was dwarfed in the shadow of the Colossus.

For Thomas, it was just like the practice runs. None of the scientists could have predicted the glow his body would be emitting; a soft halo that bathed his body in shimmering light. The disbelief quickly turned to panic amongst the people. Sirens were sounded and it was not long before all cameras were turned upon the impossibly massive form that stood motionless in the harbor mist.

Their panic heightened when the fully materialized figure, clothed only in golden light, became alive and started to walk toward the shore! Waves pushed by the movement of his gigantic legs capsized small craft that dotted the harbor. The news media was quick to preempt all local programs, to show live feed of the approaching Giant.

Thousands fled while others watched frozen in shock and fear. Many fell to their knees and prayed. On the mouths of the Orthodox, one word, “Mashiach” The Messiah, the redeemer. Thomas could not be concerned with the people’s reactions; he wanted to say something like, “Don’t be alarmed” But was instructed not to.

He carefully and deliberately stepped on shore, he was relieved as the ground held firm. After indicating with a hand motion that anyone down below should clear the area, he took his first steps on dry land. He hoped they would understand, he really didn’t want to step on innocent people. This was for real! But he didn’t have much time for them to comply.

The News commentators screamed, “Oh Lord, He’s going for the Towers” In shocked miscomprehension.

Thomas had been instructed to be as calm as possible as he carried out his next orders. His footing had to be steady for this next phase. He stood taller by more then a head, above the Twin Towers and could easily glimpse through the tinted windows of the top floors, the frantic tiny inhabitants pushed their way toward the already clogged elevators. The slightest smile crossed his expression; somewhere on the roof were his Mom and Dad. “Please Lord,” He shut his eyes and said a silent prayer, “Don’t let them jump” He could not make any moves to scare the tiny people, already on the verge of panic.

He had to keep his mind clear of everything but the mission. A flash of light off of the horizon and the sound of a jet alerted him that the time to move into action was upon him.

The plane piloted by the obsessed fanatic, ignored everything but the target. Seeing the giant but not knowing it’s nature, imagining it was some terrific trick played on him by the Jews, or perhaps it was Allah beckoning him to Paradise. He continued undaunted to keep the jet on its collision course. Soon he would be in Allah’s hands.

Shoreline artillery was already manned by the National Guardsmen, and they were going to do their best to stop this monster in it’s tracks. The General held his hand up, ready to give the order to open fire. He cursed to himself and hoped the giant would stand away from the buildings, so he could get a clear shot. Television cameras tracked Thomas’s every movement, as moderators and news people kept repeating over and over,

”I can’t believe what we are seeing. Folks, this is live feed, this is real!”

The plane was coming in waist high. Utilizing the movements he had practiced so many times before, Thomas swooped his arm and managed to grab the planes fuselage just past the wings, smoothly and within it’s own motion.

The plane was sharply but not abruptly brought to a stop in midair. The passengers looking out the windows were suddenly looking into the dark flesh colored shadow of Thomas’s inner palm.

The terrorists had already killed five of the flight crew and pilots, and the passengers in their seat, many crying and praying, were prepared for an impact that didn’t come. A little girl looking out the window cried out,

”Mummy, a giant boy angel saved us!” The mother not looking out the window grabbed and cradled the little girl to her bosom.

Thomas spoke his first scripted words, words he had rehearsed many times before.

”I want the remaining flight crew to open the front and wing doors, and I want the following people to step out” He named the terrorists one by one. If they failed to, he would have no choice but to peel open the top of the jet, and pick them out like fleas. He practiced that too.

The terrorists were in a panic, they grabbed hostages, ready to slit more throats.

”Out now!” Thomas’s voice thundered.

A brave passenger managed to open the wing door and push out one of the terrorists; at this action, other passengers got involved and before the remaining terrorists could do further damage they were forced out of the doors, expecting a fall to their death.

The fall was shorter than they anticipated. Thomas watched with satisfaction as he caught each and every one alive in his left hand. When he counted the proper number, he gently set the plane down in Battery Park, and took a step back. Then he turned his attention to the murderers in his hand.

He didn’t want to enjoy it, he knew that taking life, as Dr Mendel had explained after his “rampage” was wrong and to be avoided. He should not take pleasure in the necessary execution of these terrorists.

Yet he could not help it; he felt excitement and took great pleasure in spite of himself, squashing the evil ones, one by one in his palm with his fingers. He crushed the head of the first one, as the others looked on, he grinned and thoroughly smashed the second to jelly, between his fingers. One by one they were crushed.

They popped and sprayed a foul red stain on his hands as they screamed for mercy.

He had little time however to savor the moment, he could hear the drone of the second approaching airline.

Back at the laboratories control center, The controller announced impersonally,

”The North Tower is saved”

Everyone cheered, Dr Mendel said a quiet prayer of thanks. The cheering was silenced as a loud crash of thunder could be heard many floors above, the lights dimmed briefly the facility was darkened for a second under the glow of the emergency backups, almost immediately the lights came back on, as the auxiliary generators kicked in.

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