Project 9/11

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Chapter 20, The South Tower

Chapter 20:The South Tower

In New York, the newscasters were ecstatic,

”The course of the plane was set to crash into the tower, this amazing, astounding figure caught it and set it safely down! The word is, all but a few passengers are safe, and the names of the deceased will be announced pending notification of their relatives.”

The news directors were already figuring a way to pixelate the giants form, for replay and public consumption.

As the broadcaster was jabbering, a low level worker at the station watching the monitor caught sight of the second incoming jet. He pointed it out to the cameraman who turned the camera and focused on the next incredible event.

Thomas spit and wiped his hands like a ballplayer, he quickly repositioned himself in front of the South Tower, avoiding the flow of the crowd that seemed to be rushing towards his feet. He spoke out of term, and on his own volition as he called out that everyone should clear the area. He had to! They were coming out and bowing to him, unaware that the second plane had to be dealt with.

Flight 175 was coming in lower, and Thomas had to make the tricky catch, but he was aware of the trajectory and speed. He practiced this one so many times before. This was the jet that took the most abuse in his practice runs, only now it was filled with sixty terrified passengers.

He snatched it, slightly bending the back of the fuselage and snapping the tail off the plane. He made the same demand to the terrorists, and they were piled into his left hand. There were nine on board; five he crushed to a pulp, one by one in his fingers as before, then to his own surprise, he set three down on the park grounds, upon the hard concrete parking lot surface. He raised the ball of his right foot, hovering it above them so they could feel the panic and terror that they hoped to create in others, and then very slowly and deliberately he brought his foot down. He crushed them into the ground with his right foot, savoring the sensation, mashing them to a unrecognizable pulp; like one who snubs out a used cigarette butt. The pavement cracked as Thomas ground them into a red smear that he pushed with a slight movement of his foot, twenty feet across the asphalt.

To the last terrorist in his hands, he spoke forcefully, but low enough so that only the terrorist could hear, slowly and carefully the words that the doctor had made him memorize in Arabic, he saw a sign of recognition in the terrorists face, the Saudi nodded and bowed. Thomas gently placed the terrorist on a nearby building top, where he might elude the authorities and escape.The Cameras were catching everything. When they realized the giant was helping them, the Mayor was rushed to the scene to give his thanks. The President was being sheltered, but was aware of every action taken. All plans were abruptly ended when Thomas vanished.

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