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chapter 21, The Wrath of the Storm

Chapter 21: Wrath of the Storm

Back at the control center the storm was still in it’s fury, but that could not diminish the cheers of joy that everyone expressed. The job was not over, and the Doctor feared that the backup power might cause problems in the retrieval phase. Thomas for the first time heard the familiar voice of Dr Haley in his ear.

”Well done Thomas, you don’t have time to bring the plane to the airport, set it down and prepare for the DC transition.” They were going to move him there prematurely for fear of any power problems.

New York Harbor phased out of his vision, and was replaced by a lower flatter landscape. As he materialized he glanced at his feet; inches away from him, Key Bridge, just outside of Arlington. If they placed him even an inch closer, the bridge would have been demolished. He was standing ankle deep in the Muddy brown Potomac river and had less than four minutes to fully materialize, step on land, and save the Pentagon.

Washington DC stood behind him, the Washington monument would barely clear his ankle. Behind it he could see the Capital Mall with the Smithsonian, and even closer the White House grounds. With one simple footstep, he could have turned the White House to splinters. They would have been powerless to stop him.

Jets were dispersed from the nearby air base, but having witnessed the New York events, they were put on high alert, and told to await any calls to attack. The question asked of the media was: “Why is he here, Is he the same one that we saw in New York? If so, how did he get here so quickly? Was he truly G-d?” His Gigantic form filled the people with fear, terror and Awe. They had seen what he had done in New York, but were not comforted by his presence.

The TV cameras were quick to be dispatched to get the pictures.

The plane, American Airlines flight 77 would be the hardest to catch, it would be coming in very low, as the hijacker, who originally wanted to hit the White House, decided to settle for the Pentagon. Thomas would have to catch this plane from virtually a crawling position. He lowered himself to his knees and came up upon the dry land, destroying a portion of King’s River Parkway, which paralleled the river on the Virginia side. He could see the tiny people that had been strolling and making the most of a bright Washington Fall morning. They were now fleeing in panic, to avoid being caught under Thomas’s towering knees as he climbed onto the land.

The Parking lot was full of vehicles.

”There’s going to be a lot of angry insurance company’s, but I have to do it.” He thought, as he crawled into the Pentagon parking lot, smashing hundreds of cars to pancakes. Every car alarm in the lot went off simultaneously. He carefully avoided damaging the vast building as he secured his place of action.

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