Project 9/11

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Chapter 22, Heros

Chapter 22: Heroes

The red lights started flashing in the lab, shortly after the large lightning strike. A buzzer alerted the staff that all was not well. Dr Mendel and the crew had been in a celebratory mood, having saved the second tower, and having gotten Thomas in position in DC. Now they all looked around in stunned confusion. Dr Fong had been on the first level, checking out the status of the backup. When the lightning struck, the worst of his fears had materialized.

He ran to the elevator almost in tears, waited till the door, painfully slow, slid open. He jammed the button to the lower level repeatedly, as if that would get him down there faster.

Dr. Mendel was standing with the controller, checking the gauges of the particle accelerator. They were fluctuating. He spotted Dr Fong making his way to his station. They consulted briefly, and then Dr Mendel got on the intercom. Speaking in a cool controlled voice he said:

”There was a breach in the electric system that accidentally set off the orders to destruct. This is not reversible. The last plane is four minutes from hitting; The Laboratory is set to self-destruct in ten minutes. To stay in the lab is to die. Anyone who wants to evacuate, should do so now in an orderly manner. I will stay with Thomas as long as I can, perhaps we can bring him back, but the chances are almost non existent.”

The mechanical voice on the intercom system warned that the building now had nine minuets left to evacuate. A rude buzzer sounded; It was counting down till detonation.

Leah who had been minding her console came running up to her father’s side.

”Good People” He continued,

”We have all but succeeded in our mission, I am proud of everyone who has worked for me, I choose to stay and help Thomas for as long as I can, I urge everyone to leave in as methodical and calm a manner as you can. Get as clear of the building as fast as you can, you have eight minutes at best. If you can make it to Lansford Road, I think you will be safe. Thank you, bless you all and G-dspeed. It’s been an honor to work with everyone here.”

For almost half a minute everyone was frozen, the only sound was the buzzing alert, but instead of panic, everyone held their place in the room.

”Very well.” replied the doctor,

”You are all true heroes, may the Lord grant that our project will not have been in vain.”

He then spoke in a calm measured voice into the receiver and Thomas got the message:

”Thomas, we have had a mishap, you are to continue the mission regardless. We will man the controls as best as we can. I pray that we will meet again as we planed. You have been brave beyond expectations and have already saved thousands of lives.

Follow out your instructions, and swim out to the sea when it is completed, within an hour and a half, you will most likely find yourself back in your house on September eleventh, two thousand and one, waiting for your parents to come home, until then,” Doctor Mendel swallowed hard trying to keep his voice steady,

“Stamp out the remainder of the terrorists for me. Make a good show of it. Bless you son. Over”

For the first time, Thomas was very frightened, and in spite of his size to the surroundings, he felt very alone.

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