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Chapter 24, A New day

Chapter 24: A New Day

September 11th, 2001:

The milk had just been poured into the cereal bowl, when the phone rang. Thomas answered it.

”Hi Dad, how are you doing?” He shoveled the spoonful of frosted flakes into his mouth.

”What? What’s that?” He reached over and grabbed the remote to the TV. The Newscaster was talking in breathless bursts, while an image flickered on the screen behind him.

”Wow, neat special effects” He thought.

“Holy Mackerel, What is that thing?” He shook his head in wonder. His father was saying weird stuff, like how he just saw G-d. His mom then got on the phone, she was bawling, he had never heard her do that before.

”It was incredible son, just incredible, an angle bathed in light! We were atop the Trade Center and got to watch the whole thing, we could have been killed, we’ll tell you about it later, just keep watching the TV. We were there, we're famous”


The events that transpired throughout the day were fantastic; New Yorkers were giddy and celebrated continuously for the remainder of the week. The footage was shown over and over; in it’s carefully pixilated version, no blood, no sex. Washington DC shared in a week of festivities

Priest’s, Ministers and Rabbis were interviewed, and all agreed that the Lord had chosen that day to reveal his power to the eyes of the world, in the form of a glowing colossal angel. Perhaps it was the Lord himself. When it disappeared, it was never seen again. There could be no other explanation. New prayers would be written. An evil plot had been thwarted.

The Tabloids went nuts over the news, one of the baser ones, in a banner headline that filled its front page in thick black type declared:

”G-d’s Circumcised!”

One group made claims that it was a government conspiracy and claimed they had proof the videos were doctored.

In schools across the country, children drew pictures of Jesus saving the towers.


Over the next week someone named Osama Bin Laden hung himself. The leaders of the militant Islam movement, on the Al Jezera network broadcast a message to the world, they declared a truce:

”Allah, praise his ineffable name, has chosen to speak to us, and we will obey!”

The World had been changed over the course of a September morning as thousands flocked to Churches and Synagogue’s and Mosques to pray. There was only a small mention in the papers on the back pages, of the accident; An explosion that destroyed a remote laboratory facility in Maryland.

Final note:

The funeral for the late doctor Abraham Mendel and his daughter Leah would be attended by his widow and grandchildren returning from New York, along with the families of the eighteen others killed in the tragic blast. The President would be present at the funeral services. At a press conference, when asked to comment, The President was heard to say:

”We have lost a great scientist, Along with those who perished at his facility. Our heart goes out to all the survivors. We could only wish that those who perished had witnessed the miracles we experienced on the day of their passing.” He bowed his head, “That’s all.”

A probe would be opened to determine the cause of the explosion. The President was shaking his head sadly when he was told of a manila envelope, addressed to him that had just arrived. The aide handed him the envelope saluted and stepped back. It had just come in labeled:

”Top Security” Signed by the late Dr Mendel.


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