Project 9/11

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Chapter 5, A Plan

5: A Plan

As the lights came back up, the Doctor explained earnestly:

”We are going to save the World Trade Center. We are allotted only three hours to do so. Saving the buildings will change everything that has occurred since. The future will proceed in a natural measured wave, only it will be a future that differs from where we are now. We can do projections, but when we have crossed the barrier we will not even realize that anything different had happened. You will have your parents again and I will have my wife and family.”

Nan was growing ever uneasy, the questions in her mind were more directed towards the Doctors sanity, then in his dubious project. She stood silent like a statue. Thomas on the other hand was getting excited,

”If you have only three hours, how will you stop the terrorists in time?”

”A great question.” The doctor smiled.

”That’s where you come in. See your picture? We can do that too!”

Thomas felt suddenly dizzy.

”Do What?” Snapped Nan sharply.

”The growth factor is only a matter of perspective in the time and space continuum, Our Lab results say the effect is governed by a complex genetic structuring factor that rules out various metabolic and systemic..” He caught himself, glanced at them, took a deep breath and continued,

”Only an adolescent can be, expanded! Thomas, this was your vision, won’t you help us make it real?”

Catching on to the doctors insane notion, Nan jumped up in a protective rage. Forcefully she said,

”Come along Thomas, we are leaving. Dr Mendel, if you will be so good as to show us the door!”

”Of course you may leave,” He said slowly, “But can’t I persuade you to at least tour the Lab first, as we promised. I understand that you may choose to leave at anytime during the tour.” He looked almost sheepish, realizing he should have anticipated Nan’s strong resistance.

”It is most impressive,” He said looking for a sign of hope,

”I will accept whatever you decided upon concerning the project but won’t you at least see it first? My colleagues are very much looking forward to meeting you and Thomas.”

”Oh Please Auntie, let me see it.” Thomas pleaded.

The Doctor stood to the side while Nan and Thomas had some private words.

”Thomas, really!” She spoke sternly,

”First magic tricks, then talks of time travel, and “expanding” you? Thomas!” she said sharply, “I have never heard such nonsense!”

”He’s not some kind of crackpot, Ma..” The word slipped out, catching both in their tracks.

”He’s a genius like Einstein. The President is friends with him!” He pleaded. Nan looked into Thomas’s eyes and gave in, but resolved to herself that to show them the lab was one thing, to use Thomas in any cockamamie experiment was absolutely out of the question. She reluctantly nodded OK to the doctor, whose smile returned. Much relieved he said,

”Let’s continue with the tour.” Once they saw the lab, there would be no turning back.

”There are many wonders yet to be seen, we will be joined by my associates two levels below on the Observation deck.

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