Codename Deathmask Volume 1

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This story on planet Rindat involves an unnamed lad who is drafted into a war he wants nothing to do with. The boy is drifting into slumber when he hears screaming come from downstairs. He runs to the opened stair well and he hits the floor. He stays close to the ground so that he would remain hidden from detection. He sees two military types downstairs yelling at his mother and father. The boy sneaks back while in commando style. He grabs a base ball bat and some darts from his dartboard game on the wall. He rushes back and sees that the solders are roughing up his parents. His mother was knocked to the floor and they had his father grabbed by the collar. The boy has had enough and throws the darts at the face of solider that had hit his mother. The darts pierce the temple and two darts hit the eyes of the solider. The remaining solider is completely taken off guard when the boy jumps from the stairwell and hits the solider with a baseball in the back of the head. The solider falls face first on his exposed knife. The solider with darts in his head falls to the ground unto his back but is still breathing. The boy uses his metal bat to smash the attacker's chest. Blood spurts from the attacker's mouth as he dies. The boy has managed to kill two trained soldiers with just mere boy's

Scifi / Action
Zach Hughart
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Chapter 1

In a far away universe there lies the Singlarr Galaxy. It is a very huge galaxy with many solar systems within it One solar system within it has a strange fact about it. It has 10 known planets, All the planets has some sort of life on them. They all are in various stages of development, ranging from olden times to very futuristic.

The inhabitants there are extremely deposed to wars and violence. The combat skills showed there are beyond the wildest imaginations of any given person that may appear in said galaxy.

There are constant wars in the Singlarr Galaxy.

The second planet in the Singlarr galaxy is called Rindat, It is a very advanced planet, yet, It is not the most advanced planet in the galaxy. That would be the ninth planet, known as Kozdaki. This world is one of a few planets that are aware of other planets in the galaxy. Powers there, seek to conquer others planets, starting with Rindat. The galaxy contains a strange mist that both help to support life on all planets, but at a cost of not being able to detect others planets in the galaxy. How this works is still unknown or what had set this up is a great mystery. But the people of Kozdaki found a way, due to potential outside interference. Some people may say that the great shadow had some involvement in this process. The Kozdaki are on their way to invade Rindat.

The people of Rindat have two main factions of nations: one is called Urano and the other is known as Ibor. Urano is very militaristic in nature. They use war to get what they want and can be very violent with its own people. They worry about the results not about how they got there. Ibor on the other hand is a very pacifistic people in nature and fight only when there is no other way. They are very environmental conscience. They are very concern about how the results were made over the results themselves.

Both factions wanted to have a one world government. Each one wants to rule the other but neither will compromise their way of life. Because of this the world is in constant war and conflict.

In the middle of nowhere, appears an explosion of light. After the light settles, two figures appear.

The first figure was fifteen feet nine inches tall and weighed over sixteen hundred lbs. His head was covered with a human skull, and was wearing a vest with shoulder pads with spikes on them. He wore a pair of leather pants and boots. He had shin pads over his lower legs. The knees had spikes on them.

The other figure appears in his cloth cloak that is black in color. He is completely covered in the armed cloak. All of the body of the being that is exposed is his thin withered wrists and hands.

The larger figure demands,”Great shadow, why have you taken me here? If you want somebody to do your errands, get your servant boy Sanada to do it! I am not at your beck and call! Do not forget that fact!”

The great shadow speaks,” I have brought you here to do a job for me! If you obey me then I will reward you!”

The Butcher flexes his massive muscles out of frustration.

The great shadow speaks,” I want you to cripple one of the planet’s international factions.”

The Butcher tilted his head to the left side.

The giant said,” What is in it for me if I do? Why is this so important? Why should I care about that task?”

The great shadow pulls out a metal box and opens it facing the Butcher.

The Butcher’s eyes bug out of his head in disbelief.

The warrior said,”I will do what you want but do not double cross me or else! I have ways of making your little sissies tremble!”

The great shadow closes the metal box and puts through in an opening in his cloak.

The Butcher uses his ki to destroy the satellites of Ibor by using several hundreds of ki blasts. The crashing space debris crashes into the military and government complexes of Ibor. Millions of key people of the faction die without being able to do anything to save themselves from harm.

The great shadow speaks,”What was not exactly how far I wanted you to take it but it will work! You were always the overachiever!”

The Butcher puts his left arm down from above his head and down to the front of him.

The great shadow speaks,” You have done the job, so here you go!”

The Butcher catches the box and opens it up. He takes the item out of the box and throws the box to the ground.

He looks down at the mask and laughs within himself,” I have become the strongest on Violio with the conqueror mask and now with the deathmask will I become the strongest in the total Singlarr Galaxy!”

The Butcher puts the mask on top of his skull mask. The deathmask is a skull face with boar teeth at each sides of mouth. The mask disappears and an aura of ki covers him. The warrior is powered up even further now. The killer begins to levitate when he is stop by the great shadow. The monster intends to test out his new powers.

The great shadow speaks,” You have killed more than enough already! We must leave the rest to my followers on this planet!”

The Butcher is mad but eventually relents.

The great shadow speaks,” Come near me and we will go back to Violio!”

The Butcher does as told and the two vanished into a blast of light.

Mean while in a dark dimly lighted room, contains four figures whose material bodies are half

covered in the shadows. Their faces are hidden to the people that rush enter the room. The people are technicians that watch the world through various satellites. They explain what has occurred and speak about who had done the assault.

The four figures laugh at what they are being told.

One of the figures speak in a metallic voice,” You were good men but I am afraid that we will have to liquidate you! You all know way too much for your own good! I am so sorry!”

Before the technicians could run for safety, they were stabbed from behind by assassins. They never see the assault coming and die instantly.

` One of the others in the shadows spoke,” The people will think that Ibor was attacked with an Urano super weapon! They will never know the truth and the records of what has really happened has already been destroyed!”

The figures all break out into an evil laugh.

One of the figures speaks,” We have finally made some progress in the stalemate between the Urano and Ibor factions! The Ibor had been crippled at their very head. Nearly all the elite government and military leadership had been destroyed.”

One of the other figures, come out of the shadows with a wicked grin on his face.

The first figure spoke,”What is so humorous my malignant consort? Let me in on the joke.”

The second figure spoke,” You know as well as I, that it does not matter who wins this war! We had made trillions of Rindats yearly in the war effort. We are filthy rich no matter who wins! We had extended the war several times over.”

All four figures walk out of the shadows and begin to laugh like mad men. They had all brought a briefcase of money and each of the four men threw the contents unto the ground. The briefcases were thrown unto the ground along with the uncountable amount of money on the floor.

One of the figure grabs a container of gasoline and pours it all over the money pile. Before the

gasoline could even finished pouring the money pile was set ablaze.

The money is instantly burnt beyond recognition.

The four figures erupt into laughter as screams could be heard coming into the large darken room.

It was a couple of blindfolded teenagers that were being dragged in by four assassins dressed in all back.

The teenagers were dragged to the figures laughing at the sight of burning money.

The four assassins salute the four figures.

One of the assassins spoke,”Here are the sacrifices, masters!”

The teenager are struggling to let themselves free.

The third figure spoke,”Good! Let them burn!”

The couple screamed at the top of their lungs out of sheer horror.

The couple was let loose and the male charges at the assassins and but gets kicked in his neck by an assassin.

The male grasps his neck as he coughs up blood all over the floor. The teenager begins to struggle to even stand.

The female yells,” Fred!”

Fred falls back first unto the flames and begins to be covered in flames.

The woman drops to her knees and begins to cries.

One of the assassins grabs the crying woman by her neck and throws her into the flames on her back on top of her boyfriend.

An assassin pierces through the couple in the stomach with a large metal spear.

The four assassins salute the four men and leave the room.

Once the figures were again alone they all cried out,”All hail the Great Shadow! Master appear

before us and bestow on us your great wisdom.”

A figure appears out of the flames with it’s hand held out in front.

The four figures all bow face to the earth out of respect to the image of flames.

The image spoke,” It is I, the Great Shadow!” I am here to meet with you all!”

The four men begin to chant several incantations to show their praise for the great shadow.

The great shadow spoke,” You four may stand before me! You had shown your piety to me!”

The four me all return to their feet before the image.

The image of Great shadow disappears as the four men salute their master with hands raised to the ceiling and more incantations coming out of their mouths.

The four evil men laugh chillingly as the terrible smell of burnt flesh blankets the large room.

The great shadow speaks,” You must help Urano defeat Ibor in their war so that we can have a one world government. The Uranos have the much needed traits to create a one world government that

you all can properly rule this world in my image! Use them to meet this goal no matter what! I know that you will serve me well!”

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