Perfect Errors

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“And that’s pretty much it. Tomorrow,” the old man said, as his successor trailed behind him, wide-eyed in apprehension, “... You’re going to be in charge.”

“Thank you.”

The old man’s green eyes filled with pity, sadness for the nervous young man in front of him, whose gaze constantly averted his own. “You know… not many would dare to take on this job. If I were you, I’d be nervous as well… but you’re doing the right thing, Rookie.”

“Then why does it feel like I’m going to regret this already?”

“Sometimes, Rookie,” the old man said, “The right thing is terribly difficult to do. Sometimes, the right thing can turn out to be wrong, too. I can’t say for sure that you’re going to regret or be glad that you chose this but as a bystander, I think that you’re much braver than you give yourself credit for.”

“Uh… thanks, I guess.”

“No problem. Contact me if you have any issues, or additional queries. But just as a last piece of advice...” He sighed, picking up his SmartGlass and standing up, the young man following suit.

“What is it?”

“I have a pretty rough idea of what you’re planning; I can see it in your eyes,” the sixty-five-year-old shot a knowing look at the young man. “Be careful, boy. One wrong step—”

“I know,” the young man replied firmly, a hint of defiance and fire reappearing within his weary chocolate eyes, “But you said it yourself. The right thing isn’t always easy. And if it all fails, at least I’ll know I tried.”

The old man could not produce a rebuttal to that; he could only shake his head in sadness, in resignation for the dark times that he knew were to arise in the years to come.

“Well then… stay safe, Rookie. You know how it is in this world,” he uttered the cynical truth which he’d learnt after too many years of being stuck in this dark, cold home for the genetically defective, “There is no room for error.”

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