Perfect Errors

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It was some kind of a tradition for the four Errors to sit down together with Louis in the girls’ bedroom and have a talk whenever things were going rough for them—which was rather often, given their volatile emotions and all the other emotional baggage that came with being who they were. Due to their recently changed schedules, their chats had reduced in frequency—but it seemed like a good day to return back to it.

Eli scratched at the peeling paint on the bare white wall as Eris described her new occurrence. “It was activated last night, or rather, two seconds past midnight today. I initially thought it may have been a dream, but it seems not to be so. I could see Em’s poison and Eli’s healing agent; it shows as green and yellow respectively.”

“So, you’re saying that you’re essentially a robot, and that your eyes can detect stuff and that your brain is a literal SmartGlass?” Ethan asked, incredulous.

“I believe you mean cyborg; I still possess organic body parts.”

“God, she’s even correcting us like Search now,” He muttered under his breath.

“When… did this start?” Em prompted cautiously. Was this what Tiger Lily was talking about? Not to tell Eris intel because she was part computer?

“Two seconds past midnight today. I dismissed it as a bizarre dream at first, but it quickly became very real. I haven’t figured out how to shut down, though. The power icon has been blocked by an administrator, which I believe should be—”

“Government people? They put a computer in your head?” Eli jumped about, his name written in neat block letters following his head before Eris’ eyes. “How? And when?”

“We’re Errors, Eli, isn’t it obvious? They got us when we were babies and we were brought here to Louis a few days after. They must’ve done something to you guys then,” Ethan hissed, “Someone clearly saw you guys as lab rats and used you for some kind of sick genetic experiment.”

“Genetic experiment? On us? Shouldn’t that be illegal or something? Could it just be another defect… ”

“Really, Em? You’re literally venomous and you,” Ethan gestured at Eli, “Are some kind of antidote to her saliva. Eris has a freaking computer in her head. Plus, I’m pretty sure whoever did this to you guys bypassed the law with the approval of the big shots.”

“Oh… but… what about you?”

He turned to the petite blond. “What?”

“If they touched us, I’m sure they tried something on you, too. And you just threw Em across the room! Maybe you’ve got some super strength or—”


“Enhanced senses, speed, strength and reflexes,” Eris deadpanned, as if reciting from a script. When faced with disbelieving stares, she continued, “That’s what my scan says. It also tells me that you turned thirteen years old today, your body temperature is now at 37.2 degrees Celsius, your heart rate is at—”

“Uh, okay, wait,” Ethan muttered, “What about them?”

Eris faced the other two, neon glow intensifying. “For Em, there’s a high toxin level alert and Enhanced IQ. Eli has regenerative abilities and Enhanced IQ, too—”

Eli’s wall-scraping intensified. “Waitwaitwait, isn’t that what Mdm Yap was screaming at Ryn about? We’re genetically enhanced smart people too?”

“But why would they use it on us?” Em questioned, “Clearly, this IQ thing sounds like something only rich kids are given—and if Ryn has it, it’s definitely tested as safe. If we’re genetic experiments—”

“Oh, you’re all here!”

Three out of four of them froze in fear, slowly looking to see Louis’ head popping in through the door. Ethan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Em and Eli were pale in shock. Eris’ eyes returned to normal—too, too slowly.

So slow, he must’ve noticed. Yet Louis’ face betrayed no emotion, only his eyes sparking with a strange, tense worry.

“Louis, how long ha—”

But Louis remained unfazed. “Come out for a while, kids. There’s some people who, er, want to see you. Regarding Project Correction 2.0.”

“What is it?” Eli piped up. “What’s going to happen—”

“Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to clarify your doubts.”

The kids froze as a familiar cool voice reached their ears. Prime Minister Leland Yang walked up next to Louis, a calm half-smile on his face.

“You?” the blond sputtered as the prime minister let out a soft chuckle, eyes skimming across the four Errors in the bedroom. “Yes, me. The five of us have much to discuss.”

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