The Whispers in Your Head

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An office clerk with a turbulent romantic life in a world full of contradictions where it is all decided by an AI base on individual choices! “The Whispers in Your Head”, tells the story of Haved, our lonely Sontrous (the sentient beings who inhabit the world of this story), who works day in day out in an office. The integral part of his life is his concern with the whereabouts of his girlfriend, Vesper, whom he cannot find or contact anymore. The obsession is the sole cause of all his developing problems. Even Ross, the biomechanically integrated companion of every Sontrous, cannot help him with this matter. Everyone has a Ross; he can help with everything. He connects Sontrouses to one another as long as they maintain the latest upgrades for him. Everyone can get in touch with each other throughout the world in a seamless fashion. Information, news, weather forecast, maps, schematics for a building, etc. They are all terribly easy to access. His loss does not end with Vesper. Moussa, Haved’s friend, asks him for help, but following Ross’s advice Haved turns his back on him. He soon comes to regret that decision and questions Ross’s judgment as Moussa goes missing as well. He demands a new Ross and is given one, only to find out that the Corporation responsible for the production

Scifi / Mystery
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Chapter 1

(6 months after the incident)

- No, I thought it was a joke, why? It actually happened?

- It’s probably nothing. I mean, it’s just hearsay. I wouldn’t trust any of it. But they say someone really did that.

- I wouldn’t believe such stories until I see it for myself.

- Me neither. I don’t think it makes sense. Does it? Why would anyone do that?

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