Codename Deathmask volume 2

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Deathmask and his crew are fighting the enemy forces under an Ibor city. What lies in wait for them? Deathmask and his newly formed crew had been destroying the power generator in the northern sector of an Ibor metropolis when they found themselves within a deadly trap. There were now in a room with a deadly bomb! They had no time to escape before the bomb had gone off. What has happened to this motley crew? Are they dead? Let's turn back time, right before the bomb had gone off. The group was frozen in time as Mr. Big punched an enormous hole in the reinforced metal floor and shoved all the other men inside the hole. The bomb then went off with Joe facing the direction of the blast. Joe was not afraid to die since he knew that he would go to be with family in paradise. He was vaporized with a blast greater than a ten megaton nuclear bomb.

Scifi / Action
Zach Hughart
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Chapter 1

Deathmask and his newly formed crew had been destroying the power generator in the northern sector of an Ibor metropolis when they found themselves within a deadly trap. There were now in a room with a deadly bomb! They had no time to escape before the bomb had gone off. What has happened to this motley crew? Are they dead? Let’s turn back time, right before the bomb had gone off.

The group was frozen in time as Mr. Big punched an enormous hole in the reinforced metal floor and shoved all the other men inside the hole. The bomb then went off with Joe facing the direction of the blast. Joe was not afraid to die since he knew that he would go to be with family in paradise. He was vaporized with a blast greater than a ten megaton nuclear bomb.

The scene clears and it reveals something truly sad.

There were mere ashes where Joe had just been. He was dead, due to the concentrated force of the blast. The bomb was designed to only affect the designated area and nothing more. This was the secreting weapon of the Ibor military: the Hughart bomb. Joe was one of the Ibor faction’s first guinea pigs. It was a sick honor for the former champion to had obtained.

Mr. Big was a man of valor and gave his life to protect the lives of his friends, despite knowing most of them for a very short amount of time. He had freely shown them the greatest sign of love, that was to die freely for your friends. He followed the example that his Lord, which had carried all those thousands of years ago. Plus, he had fulfilled his obligation to all the training that he had received under Coach J. Joe was a great athlete and as well a genetic freak, but he still learned everything about his former professions from the old trainer. But how would Joe’s family take to the news of his passing?

Back at Joe’s home, Bertha and Grandma had broken out in an outpouring of tears. Luckily the children of Bertha and Joe’s were at school when this had been going on. The two women open their tear-filled eyes to see a vision of Joe mangled beyond repair. Flesh and bone were exposed all over the man’s massive frame. Blood and broken shards of flesh were hanging all over his broken body.

Joe spoke, “I am sorry that I couldn’t return home as I had promised. Please tell the kids that I love them and I will see them again in heaven. I had set up several trust funds to see that you all will be taken care the rest of our future grandchildren’s lives.”

Joe’s image just vanished as it had appeared.

Grandma had fainted, while still sitting in her favorite rocking chair. Bertha had rushed over to her Grandmother in the law’s side.

Bertha cried out, “Oh God, why?”

Grandma was out for several minutes when she woke back up to see Bertha holding her hand.

She spoke, “Oh Lord, spare my boy! I am near death myself, so take me for his sake. I will die anyway due to the stress’ effect on my bad heart. Just give Joe my short remaining life for his sake, since I had been with You through thick and thin. He has done the same, as well. That doesn’t mean that I am strong-arming you to get you to do what I want.”

The old woman forced a smile on her face. Then her eyes closed and she then died.

Bertha tried to revive her but to no avail.

Back at the mangled power room, stood Coach J, with a brown paper sack with something inside it.

He spoke, “My young cadet, you had done well. No, you had gone beyond what I had expected out of you and obeyed my request. I don’t believe that a master should interfere with a student’s battle, but this time I will make an exception.”

He pulled out a mask out of the paper bag and threw it on the ashes. The object appeared to be a metal wrestling mask that was with open eyes and mouth holes. The forehead was red with the cheeks of the mask being blue. It also had white strips around all the openings and between the areas of red and blue. The ashes of Joe begun to float up into the air. The remains started to form bones again! Within less than one minute, the man’s skeleton was completely reformed again. Next, was his internal organs, then his muscles, and finally his skin was formed.

The mask wrapped itself around Joe’s face and covered his whole head. The chest, back,

lower arms, and legs were red as the mask. The fill in space was blue, with a white separation between the two opposing colors. Metallic wings are attached to the back and arms of Joe, as he stretched his arms in an upward “V” position. An explosion of energy covers the reborn hero and he revels in his new found power.

Joe spoke, “I am Mr. Big and I feel fifty times more powerful than before! I am now invincible beyond measure! The Lord has bestowed upon me never-ending power!”

Coach J was still looking upon his pupil with no visible signs of emotions.

“Joe don’t get too cocky since there is always someone bigger, worse, better than you. You go can up to one hundred times your natural power and your speed could go up the same as well. This was one mask that had spent centuries with no master, or with any description for that matter. I guess we can now call it the big mask in your honor. This mask had wanted nothing to do with me, despite all my efforts. Don’t be surprised if it talks to you since is sentient as we are. I don’t know how though since that answer has been lost to our great race’s infamous history. I will not help you again, until who knows when. I have my hands in several other pies.”

Big laughed, “Thank you, my teacher. I can handle it from here.”

Coach J gave Joe no answer and dissipated into nothingness.

The hero looked for the scene around him and saw the hole that he had made.

Joe spoke, “Nothing ventured nothing gain.”

Big jumped into the hole without thinking where it might take him.

Back at Deathmask’s home was his parents, William, and Susie eating at the small table built for four. The pair had only had themselves at the humble home most days, but they had always fixed a plate for their son since he had been taken from them those five long years ago. They had the faith that he would someday walk into the house and eat dinner with them as he had so many times in the past. The couple had hoped that would happen every day, but it has not happened yet. The boy had been a promise from God and that promise would return back to them one day.

The pair was eating chicken Parmesan when they hear a still small voice talk to them.

“Don’t lose your faith, since he will return. I will do the work.”

The old couple has begun to cry and prayed right where they sat.

Back at Deathmask and the others’ secret military HQ, Hagotti was in a large control room overseeing the many battles of the Urano-Ibor war. He decided to focus at this moment at where his young cadets were fighting at.

He spoke out loud, “This is madness! How come three-fourths of a twenty-five million city just loses power in only a few days. I know all of the major Ibor cities have a secret teleportation system. The higher-ups are cumming in their pants over getting it during this conflict and even offered a three rank promotion to whoever brings any information back about it. All the civilians there are long since gone before the battle even started. So apparently this new technology is extremely effective. Could have somebody from our troops discovered one such device?”

An officer spoke, “If I may be so bold, may I interject into your conversation General?”

Hagotti spoke, “Well shoot soldier.”

The officer saluted as he spoke, “The Ibor people hate all waste of space above ground and

usually keep their power/ factory work to deep underground. Could one of our officers got down there and caused quite a stir, General?”

The general spoke, “It is unproven at the time, but it seems likely though. Good job, officer, keep me updated on this theory.”

The officer shouted, “Yes sir!”

The general acknowledged the officer as he keeps what he was really was feeling.

“Boy and Joy are you all right? You were pet projects of mine from first had seen you. I had the big four sent to help in this battle, as a sign of their newfound obedience. Have the six of you ran into each other? You are all great in your own ways, but you could make the ultimate six man army unit. I believe that the product is great than the sum of its parts. But what great parts you are all alone, yet alone together.”

“I need some good-hearted men to show that honest people could exist in the military. There are so many double and even triple agents within this very complex, maybe even this very room. My hands had been tied together by that evil red tape of the government for far too long. It has caused me to lose my marriage, family, friends and everything else, but my life and health. This fact makes me sick every moment that I live on this planet. I am supposed to only answer to the Urano presidents and the military brass below them. Yet, I answer only to the secret government that rules both of the factions, as if they were just puppets!”

These Ultimos care only to control through lust, and if they don’t obtain that way then they will take it by force! Quintillions of Rindats had been made in the last ten years in supporting the war effort.

These blood mongers got to be stood or the new world order’s mission will be complete!” But what kills me that I had to put on a dog and pony show for those who rule over this evil world. This is my shame and duty to act upon this. I will give so that this goal of mine could be successfully carried out.

Back home at Berth and Joe’s hometown, the neighborhood was in a celebration for Grandma’s passing into heaven. The service was about all the good things about the old church woman over

her one hundred and eleven years of life. the last thirty of those years were that of constant pain and turmoil. She had lost all her family due to murder or forced segregation. It was a bitter pill for the old woman to swallow.

But there was one silver lining in her death, her missing family had been found by Joe in his travels as well a world champion. What few family members had been found alive were given money by Joe to see Grandma. But they had arrived all too late, but they were blessed to be finally together. Grandma would be blessed to know that her grandson had found most of the separated family. Bertha had shown her in-law, in her husband’s absence, the lost history of the woman’s dead family members. She was then told that the living members would soon be coming to see her. Grandma was so happy that she was satisfied to die with just what God, through Joe had carried out for her. She had died in a tender state of peace.

Berth had called the children’s schools and had them taken back home. It was a day off of school that the kids had never wanted to take.

The preacher spoke, “Joyce is so much better off than we are. This body is what is grieving when we should be rejoicing. She had gone through too much and the Lord wanted to make her one her many angels. She brought all these wonderful people together here this day. She always wanted to see all her family again, as the only thing that she had wanted in this short life.”

“Joyce, or as everyone in this neighborhood simply called her by grandma, was a cornerstone in this church. She put this church building together on her own money as a simple factory worker. She gave up ninety percent of her meager paycheck every month to support the building of this wonderful church. It is just a simple church that can only seat one hundred people if we are lucky. But that was what God had given us all through Grandma’s effort. She always had enough food to feed everybody, even the massive Joe.”

People in the church laughed at the comment.

The preacher spoke, “She was my first Sunday school teacher and she fed me every time I came to church after the service. At first, I came for all the good cooking, but I stayed for the Word that she had taught me at least twice a week. I became the man I am today, because of the woman resting in front of me. Thank you, Grandma!”

At the celebration, there was a dry eye in the church house, but in the end, people were dancing and singing due to their sister going on to be with their Lord. They drove to the local cemetery and Grandma was buried there.

After the service, a man in dark black suit and pitch black shades came over to Bertha.

The mother spoke, “Who might you be, G-man? This is a private celebration, not a government sting. You better not cause any trouble or you will have to buy a new suit. That is after you get out of the hospital that is.”

The mysterious G-man did not change his calm demeanor for one second while being told off by the grieving woman.

The mystery man spoke, “I am not here to interfere with your ceremony here, but I am just on an

unofficial basis for the Urano Government. I am not going to give you any more information about me than that, so let’s return to the matter at hand. This is about your husband Joe’s acceptance of his draft.”

Bertha cut the G-man off as she said, “Lizza, please! He would never work for the same government that allowed his family to be destroyed.”

The G-man spoke, “I am not here to argue with you. Just take this envelope and this 128 K HD Disc.”

Bertha took the two items from the man and opened the envelope. Her eyes about jump out of the skull, when she saw that it was full of one thousand Rindat bills. When she looked up to ask the man what was the deal, he was long gone as if he was never even there.

Joe had paid for the funeral of grandma, and the rest of the family, long since paid for more than five years ago.

Back home Bertha took the older boys of her and Joe’s into Joe’s office. (This office was used for business matters and his daily video viewing for keeping hip on the sports world).

Joe Jr spoke, “What is up, Mom?”

The other boys had felt the same.

Bertha had brought her boys up to speed to what had happened at the cemetery.

Joe the third spoke, “That is freaky, mom.”

Bertha showed the boys the money as she spoke, “This money would be split evenly among the family. But what is on the disc I had wanted to show to you the same time as me. I owe that much to you, five boys because you had all stood up in all your own ways for the family. The little men had been helped out so much by your support. Little Mac and Jack had such a hard time with your dad not coming home every night. Dad had always made an effort to put you all to bed for story time every night,”

“Children need consistency in their lives, especially when they are younglings. Your dad was always known for his physical powers, but he had an IQ of over one hundred and thirty-four on his worst day. He was a genius when it came to sports, and he been taught to save his money before he even started in the sports world. I am saying, this because this money here reeks of your dad’s doing. Let’s watch the disc together.”

Joe the fourth put the disc in and they had seen no menu and the video immediately jumped to

Joe wearing a tattered wrestling outfit.

Joe the fifth spoke, “What’s going on here? Dad is letting his face be shown on camera, while still in his Mr. Big gear! Only the neighborhood knows who Mr. Big really is under the mask!”

Joe the sixth spoke, “Dad would never break kayfabe under any circumstance. Never!”

Kayfabe is the closely guarded secrets of wrestling and to an extent fighting. Wrestlers at their

best tell the truth when it comes a, b, and c. D is a straight up lie, but the fans never even question d. That is because they had told the truth before. True identities of masked wrestlers were closely guarded to even the fellow wrestlers/fighters.

Joe was a very solemn face, that was very different than his serious he had once he was working.

He spoke, “Bertha and the boys, I am saying this under my own free will and not being forced to say this. I had been in a big battle from some fellow warriors that cause me to relent during my last battle.”

The boys paused the video and they were completely beside themselves.

Bertha spoke, “Who could have taken your dad to this point?”

Joe Jr spoke, “Who could have destroyed his super heavy tough battle suit. It is just not possible.”

They continued the video and the dialogue continued.

Joe spoke, “I know that this is going to be unbelievable when you hear this, and the film crew better not laugh or they will go to the afterlife with me. That is a promise and not a threat, so keep that in mind, fellas. I am a space alien!′

The family had to pause the video because they could not believe what they had just heard. They reminded the video and played that last part again.

It was the same thing that they had heard the first time.

Joe spoke, “I didn’t believe it at first, but I had Grandma confirm it for me by getting a feel for my former trainer Coach J. she thought that he was an incredible monster. She has so much discernment when it comes to people. This man or monster was the real deal and he said that he was

from the fourth planet from this solar system. He was from an ancient race of warriors called the Gigantos. This group of people once ruled that world and a few even managed to come to the other planets of this solar system. The aliens intermingled with some of the people here and had children.”

“The Gigantos had not seen hardly any of their children here showing their physical and mental traits. Their nature had become recessive traits. I am one of those children with their traits and I am a classic example of that race. I had been given a mission from Coach J. He wanted me to protect the new breed of the Gigantos race. I couldn’t refuse the request from the man that help make me a billionaire."

"I found him just recently and the old man had confirmed it for me. I will be gone for a long time, while I do who knows what. I had asked for two requests from the man who trained me to be in the armed forces. The first was that I would be able to make this movie for you and the second was that I get a signing bonus for my obedience. That bonus would be given to my wife Bertha. The old boy commander agreed without any complaining if this video comes to you uncensored.”

The video ends and the disc melts from within the movie player. The machine bursts into flames. One of the house’s many fire alarm goes off and one of the boys gets the room’s fire extinguisher. The fire was stopped and the machine was unplugged from the wall and dropped to the floor.

The boys and their mother hold each other in tears since maybe the last time they see their father for a very long time. Now, it was gone all too soon, without any warning.

Pete had become a drug dealer of all kinds of illegal substances, as other nonviolent gang activities. He started to use a lot of the drugs that he was selling and started to lose his moral inhibitions. He started to cheat on his beloved Cindy, who was his precious dream girl. He got lost into the evils of the Urano ghetto crime syndicate.

Once Cindy found out how Pete made his money since it was appalled that her love would work

for people, that was like her incestuous biological father. But as soon she found out that he was cheating, she took a long hot bath, and sliced her wrists with one of the razor blades from the two men’s razors. She lost over one-third of blood into the water of the bathtub.

Pete saw that red colored water from coming from the locked bathroom door. Pete kicked the

door down and saw the bathtub water was running and it was so hot that it was steaming hot. He pulled the curtain back and he was so despondent about what he was seeing, that he puked all the contents that were once inside his now empty stomach.

Cindy had slit her wrists and been burnt by the scalding hot water, as well. Pete ripped his love out of the bathtub and into their bedroom and make some pillowcases as a means to stopped the bleeding and an ice cold comforter. He stole the fastest car that he could find and raced to the local hospital with Bob at his side.

Pete carried the injured Cindy into the ER, as he was crying profusely. The staff immediately took her to treat her injuries.

He spoke, “Do all you can to save her or I will kill myself to be with her in death. She cut her wrists and burnt herself with hot water in our bathtub!”

They tried to stabilize her, as Pete and Bob were waiting in the ER waiting room for several hours. Finally, a doctor came into the room and led her into a nearby consultation room.

The doctor spoke, “Hello, I am Dr. Ryan and I leading the care for...”

Pete yelled, “She is Cindy. She is my girlfriend.”

Doctor Ryan spoke, “We have managed to stabilize Cindy, but it is too early to tell. I am sending Cindy to our burn unit for third-degree burns over most of her body. We can give her new skin if she gets through this. I just want to know why on Rindat does she have so much scar tissue on her body. The medical community that any weird wounds are abuse centered.”

Pete got off the chair and grabbed the doctor by his shirt collar. He lifted the slender doctor off

the floor.

“I would never lay a hand on her! It was that piece of trash sperm donor of hers that raped and beat her daily, while he was still alive. She killed that punk many years ago after he killed her last rape baby. That is what had happened and if you say it to another person I will burn your dead body as I did to Cindy’s abuser!”

Bob grabbed Pete and yelled, “Pete stop it! He just wants to know what happened to her. He is giving us a courtesy and most people would have reported us immediately!”

Pete gently lowered the Doctor back down to the floor as the grieving boyfriend prepped up Ryan’s hospital scrub top back to what it was before.

Bob spoke, “Sorry, we had been abused by others when we were young ourselves. Yet, It was not the same kind of hell that Cindy had gone through. Please, just let drop the matter and let’s focus on what is really important. That is Cindy, who is really the VIP here.

DR Ryan spoke, “I am sorry for my callousness since I am supposed to do no harm to others in my duties as a doctor. But, I will have you banned from this place if it occurs again. Am I understood, gentlemen?”

Bob spoke, “Yes, sir!

The short man hit his friend in the back.

Pete yelled out, “Yes, my kind sir! I will not act out again.”

The humble Pete bowed unto the floor in front of Pete.

Ryan spoke, “Sir, that is not necessary here since I will do all we can for Cindy. Take this lunch pass here in my hand and get something to eat and will page you over the intercom with the pager here.

It will tell you what phone number to call when you can get any further information from us. Her patient number to confirm that you are Cindy’s family will be shown to you on this small machine screen.”

Hours go by and the duo had not heard a peep from the hospital staff when Pete has had enough.

He spoke, “I can’t wait any longer, Bob! I got to know what is going on!”

Over the intercom, a female voice spoke,” Will the family of Cindy, please call extension 300-4567 immediately. I repeat call extension 300-4567.”

The pager was shaking clean out of Pete’s pants, telling him the same thing that he had been told from overhead.

Pete dialed the number, while shaking, like a leaf in a thunderstorm.

He spoke, “This is Cindy’s family, patient number 6530. What is going on?”

The female voice spoke, “This is Glenda, Cindy’s nurse practitioner.

Pete spoke, “I don’t care about your job title, just give me the facts!”

Glenda spoke,” Well sir, I am...”

Pete cut her off again.

“That is Pete! Cindy’s Pete!”

Glenda spoke, “Well, Pete, I am happy to tell you that Cindy is in the clear.”

Pete fainted due to the joy that Cindy would live on with him.

Glenda spoke, “I heard a thud, are you okay Cindy’s Pete?”

Bob pick up the phone and continued the conversation,” Pete fainted. I am Bob, Pete’s best friend. You can continue on since I will tell him the rest of the update.”

Glenda spoke, “Will Pete be okay, or will he need medical care as well?”

Bob spoke, “No, that is okay. I have some smelling salts and migraine medicine in my pants’ pocket. I will wake him up after you get done here. Hey, buddy can you not see that I am trying to talk here! Pete is all right because he just had a fainting spell. He is one tough dude! Will you leave him on the floor for just a few minutes! Guys, just stop it! For crying out loud, I will be back, please stay on the line.”

Pete was now wide awake and he return to the conversation without missing a beat,” Sorry for the delay, I just had a technical difficulty. Where is my girl located at.”

Glenda spoke, “She is in the burn unit, here on the seven floors, room 307.”

Pete dropped the phone and ran to see his beloved. It took everything that Bob had to keep up

with a friend’s lightning speed. It was causing quite a stir from within the hospital.

Pete found the sealed double door to the unit, as the sweating Bob had just arrived, gasping for air.

Bob spoke, “I should not have eaten that second taco salad so close together!”

Pete spoke, “How do get in such a secure place? This is a hospital, not the local prison! This is insane. What is that button and speaker on the wall for?”

Bob spoke, “I believe that it is for letting us in and out, Pete.”

Pete looks frustrated and said, “I don’t have time for that, I have got to get in now! Let me break in, now. I have broken out of tougher security in the past.”

Bob grabbed his friend, in a vain attempt to stop him.

“You can’t do that Pete! They will kick us out of here! You heard the doctor!”

Pete spoke, “I don’t care! I gotta get in now.”

The tall man broke into the double door and ran into Cindy’s room. Bob had followed after his friend like thunder goes after a lightning strike. The nurses were doing all they could to stop the duo, but they could do little to stop them unwillingly.

Cindy’s whole body was burnt badly, but her face was left untouched. She looked, like a

bandaged angel to the duo. She had always been a pretty girl, even as a hot mess makeup and style free woman. Yet, she had grown believing that she was the ugliest female in all of Rindat. Pete and Bob had always told her that she was drop dead beautiful on her worst day. Today was no different, since she looked a doll, dressed up like a mummy.

Pete ran over to her side and instantly fell to his knees and felt her cheek with extreme gentleness. He has begun to cry for causing Cindy to do what she did out of endless sadness. He repented

of every wrongdoing that he had ever done, down to stealing a stick of gum.

He spoke, “Baby, I will never do anything wrong ever again and I will clean up my life. I will find an honest job as Bob has done as a plumber. I will never even lust after another woman ever again.”

The nurses had called all the security within the complex. Bob had somehow managed to explain how they had lived from they were all children. The hospital staff was all hurt by what they had been told. They all decided to let the matter lay still for as long Bob explained to Pete proper hospital behavior. Bob swore up and down that Pete and he would do as they were asked.

The rest of Cindy’s stay went without incident. Three months later, Cindy was allowed to go home. Bob and Pete decided to leave the old apartment behind since it would probably trigger the poor woman. Secondly, They couldn’t afford it without Pete’s drug money. The trio found a small two bedrooms, one bath apartment in the projects, that the rent there was based on their salary. It wasn’t much, but at least now Pete had a clean conscience.

Once Cindy was well enough to stay home alone with going into a panic attack, Pete went to his gang leader and gave him all his money that he had saved up down to the last cent. He gave him all his remaining drugs and all his secret contacts in the crime world while begging on his hands and knees.

The crime leader spoke, “You can get up Pete! Have a little pride man! I will let you go, as long

you never deal for anyone else or yourself for that matter. If you go back on your word as a former brother, then I will put a hit on you and your two little friends. You were my best dealer four or more times over. Get off of my sight and never return to me. Plus, don’t ever go to the police for any matter, or they will never find your bodies! Is that clear?”

Pete spoke a smile, “Yes I will do as you say and I will never be a problem for you the rest of my life!”

He went back home, like he just won a million Rindats, and spoke to his girlfriend.

“Cindy, I did it, I got it all right and they let me go!”

The two of them kiss for several minutes holding each other in an erotic embrace. Out of nowhere, Bob comes unto the scene with his lunch pail through the front door. Then he immediately walks back out the front door and does not return for a few hours.

Bob slowing walks into the front door to see no one in the front and no groans to be heard. He walks into the small kitchen and sees Cindy cooking at the stove. Pete at the kitchen table with

silverware in both hands, eagerly awaiting supper. The two stop what they doing and look directly at Bob.

Pete spoke, “What took you so long? It is almost supper time.

Bob spoke nervously, “Just ran into something stimulating.”

Cindy spoke, “Get clean up and we will eat.”

The trio ate dinner and Pete asked, “Can I come to work with you tomorrow? I will not ask for much money, while I get started.”

Bob spoke, “Yeah, I make enough money to have a second set of much-needed hands. It is not easy, nor glamorous. I will be walking out the front door with or without you at six am. I know that you may turn into dust if you see sunlight before noon. But, I will be the leader here, not you as with everything else. I won’t take any foolishness either.

Pete spoke, “I will be on my best behavior when we are working. I promise that to you or you

can fire me on the spot with no pay.”

Bob spoke, “Fine then, be ready on time or don’t bother coming at all.”

Months go flying by and Bob and Pete were doing very good business. Bob made Pete a legal partner in the business. So good, that they had hired a staff of four people. Cindy had made the decision to break her social phobia, while Pete and Bob were still with her. She helped as a full-time secretary.

Cindy was not able to deal with people at first, but she had learned how to do math after her escape from her father. She was better with the books than either Bob or Pete. This fact was repeated by the two men so that she could believe it deep down in her patched up heart.

Over the next few months, Cindy does all the payroll and the other duties that involved dealing with people. Bob and Pete help her with the non-plumbing part of the business. But, they were usually only able to help after a long day of doing calls. Cindy never complained because she knew the worst day with Pete and Bob was leagues better than the best day at the orphanage.

Cindy’s was becoming normal as she could possibly have it when things came into a screeching halt. Pete and Bob were drafted into the military, without any prior notice.

A paddy wagon that was full of soldiers, while Pete and the others were sitting on the stoop.

The military men point the endless quantity of assault rifles at the trio.

One of the soldiers spoke, “Put your hands up, while we verify who all you are.

The trio did as they were told, which the men looked over them.

One of the soldiers spoke, “That is them! Let’s take them and go.”

Pete and Bob have dragged off the stoop without any fighting and shoved into the back of the armored vehicle. The men didn’t want for Cindy to be in any more danger than she had already suffered through.

Cindy was screaming out with her hand stretched out towards the fleeing paddy wagon. She cried on all fours for over one hour.

She was finally led into her house by the neighborhood granny, who lived right next door to Cindy.

The granny spoke, “It is me, Agatha and I are here to help you. I will stay with you until you are well enough to stay by yourself. Honey, I don’t know what you been through and it is not my business to know. But, you three had help this old lady way too much for me to not help you in return."

"You bring me groceries every week and cook for me when I am sick. Your boys fixed my house back to what was pretty darn close to what it used to be, without asking anything in return.”

The two women drunk some coffee and ate some sugar cookies that Agatha had wanted to bring over for the trio. Pete and Bob loved those cookies and all the treats that the old widow had brought over to them. Agatha was mad at first that the guys would not take any money for all the work they did for her. But instead, the duo was happy to eat all the cookies and sweet tea that the woman would give them.

Cindy had helped clean the granny’s house weekly from top to bottom because the old house was too hard for Agatha to completely clean, as was needed.

Cindy was still upset, but her panic attack had subsided. Her eyes were still wet with tears and black eyeliner. She washed her makeup clean off with a wash rag.

Agatha spoke, “You are the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen, while I was alive. I was

a looker myself in my better years, but I was never in your league.”

Cindy spoke, “Stop it! You will make it go to my head.”

The young’s pale white cheeks were now red as a red stop sign.”

Agatha spoke, “No, girl! I am dead serious. You look like a natural black hair, pale skin Gothic porcelain doll. Your black makeup just brings out your natural look, my young lady.

Cindy spoke, “I used to dye my hair blonde with peroxide, that I stole as a kid. I had always been told as a child that I was ugly. I believe it since it was all that I knew. It was a lie, but it was at that time my truth. But, that all changed when I met Pete and later Bob. Pete was the first person that genuinely loved me, without even seeing me once.”

Cindy began to cry again, as Agatha held her hand. The old woman was crying now to see such a sweet girl have to go through all the hellish torment that she had suffered throughout her life.

Granny spoke, “I know honey, you three get your life all figured out and starting to do well, when the old Captain Urano screws your life back up like you were to begin.”

Cindy spoke, “No you are wrong.”

Agatha was surprised by the young woman’s reaction, as she looked at Cindy who had a tender smile on her face, while her long black hair covered her eyes. The young lady had her hands in her lap,

which made the old woman nosy. The aged woman forced her shaky knees to better see what Cindy

was doing. Agatha’s eyes about jumped out of sockets about she saw.

Cindy’s hands were laying tenderly on her stomach.

The granny gasped, “You’re pregnant! I heard you tell me that you couldn’t have kids?”

Cindy looked up at her friend with tears in her eyes.

“I thought I couldn’t have kids anymore, but I am going to have Pete’s baby! I was going to tell

him after supper. But..”

The two women stood up and gave each other a gentle embrace.

Cindy spoke, “I was told by my doctor five years ago that I had the osteoporosis of a two hundred and seventy-year-old woman!”

People on Rindat with a few treatments during their early year scan live to two hundred years at their prime of life. After that point, aging starts to slow the scale back down to normal. That is if they were without severe injuries then it is significantly lower.

Agatha spoke, “My Lord honey, what kind of medical problem did have to have some bone problems?”

Cindy frowned,” I had one hundred and seven babies when I was a very young girl.”

The old woman kissed Cindy on the cheek and said, “Why on Rindat did you have that many, or

better yet, how did you have so many children?”

Cindy pushed the woman away and ran into the bathroom. Agatha ran, no attempted to run after

the embarrassed secretary. The old woman tried to get in the bathroom and she found that it had been locked shut.

The granny spoke, “I am sorry that I had hurt your feelings, as it was just a knee jerk reaction, baby. I had only thought that the natural world record pregnancies for a normal lady were sixty-nine. Was not you shocked at when first saw Pete scared back, as when you told me? ”

Agatha heard Cindy bumping around inside the bathroom door. The restroom door lock can be heard clicking unlocked. The young woman was heard running back to whatever she was hiding it. Water could be heard coming on clearly from outside the door. The old woman patiently at the door for several minutes, before she had the courage to knock on the door.

Agatha spoke, “It is me! I had not left yet. I will love you no matter, what your past was. I don’t care if was your fault, but I don’t think that it is. You are too good of girls now and probably back then.

I am coming in unless you don’t want in there.”

There was still no response.

Agatha spoke, “I know that you need somebody to talk to. If you hate me and want to leave me then knock once. If you want me to come in then knock twice.”

One knock could be heard.

The sound saddens the old tearful woman as she starts to leave.

A second knock could be heard, which causes the old woman to cry with happy tears.

She starts to open the door and sees that the light is out and there is no other source of light.

The granny spoke, “Baby, I am turning on the light and I will shut the door behind me, so that no

one could see us here.”

Cindy screams, “Shut the door and lock it! They might see me for what I really am!”

Agatha did as she was told and saw that the young mother was in the tall narrow shower stall.

The old woman spoke, “Cindy, hope that you are not sitting inside of there under the water if it is too hot.

Cindy’s voice cracked when she spoke, “It is not the hottest water that ever been under, but I think that it is kind of nice. If you see how I really look like, then you will want to puke upon me.”

Agatha spoke, “No, I won’t hate you no matter what you look like. You were the daughter, that I

always wanted, but never had. It can’t be that bad, honey. I will take a peek to show you Cindy that you

just a normal girl. You just had a hard life is all, and that does not make you a bad person.”

The old woman took a peek to see the face of Cindy and see that it is as she saw in the woman’s kitchen.

The granny spoke, “You look fine.”

Cindy pulls open the plastic shower curtain to Agatha’s horror.

The horrified woman spoke, “I am sorry honey, I had no idea to what several kinds of hell that you had been through. What on Rindat happened?”

Cindy had scars over nearly all her torso and the upper end of her limbs. Stitches had been made with a very thick metal thread that showed that whoever had sewed her together was not a medical professional, but a sadistic butcher. Cindy’s natural white face was probably what the rest of her skin looked like. Her torso was all sorts of colors. Her patches must have been all that had kept her muscles from being exposed. Her skin was covered in all sorts of horrible words in all sorts of languages, such as whore, slut, faggot, full-time pregger, cum dump, and five-star hooker, to name a

few. Choice numbers and letters for even more terrible things were on her body as well: 1488, 666, 13, 5150, 662, 730, P.H.D., and Bizzle for starters. The poor woman had body piercings nearly everywhere.

Agatha couldn’t help but grab up and hug Cindy while kissing her on the cheek. Now, both women were soaking wet, but they didn’t care. The woman didn’t care what her desired daughter looked like.

Agatha spoke, “Blemished or not, you are still the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world! Would you be my adopted daughter?”

Cindy jumped out of the shower with Agatha still around her neck.

The abused woman spoke, “Yes, mother, I will be your daughter if you would have me.”

The new mother spoke, “Yes Cindy, I will be the mother, that you never had. We don’t need any

lawyer to tell us that we are family. A family is the ones you love, not just the ones you are related to by blood or by marriage. We will be family, even after we are both worm food! Don’t ever forget that, baby. Don’t you ever forget!”

Cindy spoke, “I promise you that I will never let that leave my mind, even for a second.”

Agatha spoke, “As your Momma, can I ask you about what you had been through after we get

a dry set of clothes.”

Cindy turns the shower water off and the two women dried off with a new set of clothes.

Agatha and her new daughter were eating some sandwiches as they started to talk.

Cindy spoke, “I was most certainly a rape baby between my sperm donor and one of his former

employees. I never heard who she was, besides I got her first name from her. That was what I picked up from hearing various gossip from my former nurses. One day I overheard that the monster killed her because she tried to report him to the police. He butchered her, like a cow and fixed her flesh as barbecue beef. The leftovers of her corpse were buried in the orphanage’s dirt floor in the basement and covered in cement.”

Agatha held Cindy’s hand to try to comfort her daughter.

She continued, “I was given medicine to force me into early puberty. I had my first period on my ninth birthday and that demon rapped me that same day. My bed was covered in blood from my privates that stood out, due to the white sheets that I had. He told me that it was normal that a father would do with a daughter. I was young and dumb and had no idea of how sex was supposed to work. He

took advantage of my innocence. I washed in the shower over the next seven years, up to ten times a day to clean the dirtiness off of me. But, it never came off, but my skin started to peel.”

“The nurses got pissed off and would only let me have five-minute showers, no matter if I had soap still on me or not. They dragged me out kicking and screaming. They had no concern for me, other than they were given them money to do the bare minimum for me. I got pregnant while being pumped full of fertility drugs. I gave birth to fifteen babies at once, but they were all stillborn. That monster beat me for that, like that it was my fault. It had never had been reported to have that many babies at once and expect them to live. Their chances to live were next to zero while having a supposed natural birth. Nine more months, I again gave birth to fifteen more babies, with better medical treatment. Those angels all survived from what I heard. They were all sold into the black market for the highest dollar, as soon as they were potty trained. They were all taken from me, with only a fleeting glance on their countenance.”

Agatha was sick to her stomach from what she had been told by Cindy.

The young woman spoke, “I gave birth to seventy-six more healthy children. My one hundred and seventh angel was murder by that devil. He cut it out of me after he found out about Pete. I shot that fiend for killing my baby with his favorite gun. Pete burned his body and all the evidence of that hell. I needed a lot of medical treatment to keep me alive and healthy, after having all those darlings.

We did not have any money to get the care that I needed, Pete made a hard decision to sell all the drugs that he could so that I could get the treatment to stay alive. He got lost in it, after just a few years.”

Agatha spoke, “You had said more than enough for today. I will get through all this, while being at your side.”

Cindy smiled with tears in her eyes as she said, “Thank you, mother!”

While at her first prenatal visit, she was found out to have the worst female problems that the clinic had ever seen in their whole history. Her doctor tried to get the young woman to abort the baby, but Cindy laid the doctor clean out with a punch. Once he awoke, Cindy told the doctor off.

“At least sixteen of my babies had been murdered already, you are not gonna take my last chance to be able to care for one of them! If you report me, then I will tell you the local news that you attacked me. I will also say that you tried to kill my unborn child! Do you hear me?”

The doctor spoke, “Yes Cindy, I was wrong to say that. Do you need some silence money to keep quiet?”

Cindy blacked out his other eye as she yelled, “I am no whore, I am a one man woman and Pete

is my man. Once he gets sober enough for his satisfaction, he will make an honest woman out of me. He promised me that when I was in the hospital the last time! I don’t need your dirty money, but what I need is a healthy baby! If it has any problems, I am going to murder you in front of everybody! Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

The wounded doctor spoke, “Yes Ma’am, I will do all I can for the two of you.”

Cindy stormed out of the doctor’s office, leaving the doctor with two black eyes.

Nine months go by and the two women are in the hospital, waiting for Cindy to give birth to her one hundred and eighth child. She had decided to wait to see the sex of the baby until they were born. Cindy had given birth to one hundred and eight babies, so she did not even grimaced once, or let out a peep. She gasped out with joy when she that her baby had been delivered her baby safely.

Cindy screamed out, “Give me that baby now or I will split all of your skulls!”

One of the nurses quickly handed the baby into its mother’s arms.

A nurse says, “It is a boy, Cindy.”

Agatha was crying along with her daughter, next to the delivery bed.

Cindy spoke, “She is beautiful Momma. Can I trust you that if I die before you to care for little Petey in my place?”

Mom spoke, “Yes, I will baby! But we need to get the paperwork done that I had officially adopted you, like my child. Then I will be your next of kin if Pete has not returned from the war. He will lead the boy’s upbringing if you had passed before his return. But God forbid that would happen. But, we need to be prepared if the worst would happen, and hope that the best would occur to us.

Three months go by and the small family of Cindy, Petey, and Mom are doing great. Cindy would never let Petey out of ether hers or Agatha’s eyes. Mom had talked to her daughter into letting her watch the newborn by herself so that Cindy could run her business again.

It was hard to run the busy plumbing business on her own, but she had now two secretaries to help her with the paperwork of the enterprise while having four full-time plumbers to go out on calls.

Cindy was proud that she was able to run the show without Pete and Bob.

One day a man in black goes into the small office that was filled with various office equipment, such as desks, and computers. Cindy had set up some padded chairs for clients could sit in, while getting the jobs arranged. The woman had set up some pictures of the staff and some ornaments to add some charm to the office.

Cindy gets up from her desks and walks over to shake the man’s hand, but the man wouldn’t return the favor.

Cindy spoke, “How can I help you, sir?”

The man in black put something down the front of her blouse. Cindy pulled something out of her pocket and punched the man in the jaw. He was taken completely off guard and knocked down to the floor from a punch with brass knuckles. Cindy had been taught to fight by her lover and she was a good student. She had Pete put a makeshift knife in all her high heels for protection. The heel tip could be taken off and it could be used a knife and put back together in a couple of seconds.

Cindy pulls off her left heel tip-off and kicked the shoes off. She stabbed the man in his forehead several times before the two women had to pull her back.

Cindy spoke, “Get fresh with me, will ya? I will kill you after I rape you in the butt with your two-inch pecker! I had killed a worse man than you pervert! Get out of my building you mother…”

One of the plumbers came in the back door and saw the three women and the bloodied stranger.

He pulled out his magnum and pointed it at the man.

“Get out of here, before I finish you off for good,” he said.

The man in black got up and ran out of the building and leaped into a speeding car.

Cindy had calmed down and she threw the envelope out of her bra and into the nearest trash can. Something catches her eye on the way into the trash. She is curious about what she might have seen.

She bends over to pick it up and she is taken back about she had just seen.

It was Pete’s handwriting and it said, “To my lover, Cindy from your headache, Pete.”

She fell down her knees as she opened the thick envelope and saw that it was plum full of Rindats and a handwritten letter. Pete had told Cindy how much he loved her and how much he missed her.

But what was most touched her was, “I have friends now that are honest people, besides Bob. The old boy is so non-confrontational in nature, due to feeling obligated to me for protecting his big butt from the hellhole. I am with our big friend and some other good old reverent boys. They will help me to not relapse, while I am away. Just trust and believe...”

The letter just stops there and Cindy could not find any more of Pete’s letter. It would be her treasure until her baby daddy returned.

Back at Billy and his sibling’s farm, Big Bill and his sister Susie to do the work of three people, without their brother. They had prayed that they would be able to do it by themselves like they had done in the past with their brother. So, far it was going great on most days. During their busiest season, they could now afford day labors to help them during the large harvest that they had every year.

This was due to Billy sending back most of his paycheck back to them. Billy was given some rations and if he was lucky a place to lay his head. He did not need much money since he did not have any bills to pay while fighting in the war.

Billy and Susie had built a simple flophouse to keep the workers on the property to save them money. This was because most of the laborers were worst off than they were. Susie led cooking and cleaning for everybody, while Bill leads the operation of the farm.

Sometimes, they would switch to give each other a break from the daily grind of doing the same thing every day. Bill would lead a church service outside the house in the backyard, with wooden folding chairs for whoever may be there that day. Cindy would lead the worship service with singing and flute playing. The workers were invited to attend out of their own free will, along with the nearby farmers. The siblings, even picked up a few people so that they could attend the Sunday service as well.

Susie would do the laundry of all the workers when she had cleaning duties and patch up any holes in their clothes. A lot of the workers wanted to work for the duo since they were so nice to work for. Bill would not deal with any foolishness or allow any drunkenness on the property. He didn’t care if they did it somewhere else, as long as they wouldn’t bring back to farm any contraband back with them.

Billy and Susie were raised in a Godly home and they would fire anyone on the spot if they brought with them any beer or drugs on the property. They believed that the farm was God’s gift to the family and it was sacred to them. Except for that, the brother and sister were very patient with the workers.

The humble farmers had up to five church meetings a week so that every in the county would have the chance to attend one service a week if they were unable to attend the meetings on Sunday. One night after church, the workers were given ice cream and apple pie for working so hard the previous week. All the laborers had their fill and went back to the flophouse to rest when they heard a knock on the front door. It was a strange event since everybody had driven up to the backdoor to visit the family.

Billy and Susie did not have the chance to get out of their Sunday best.

Bill was nervous, yet answered the door, however.

It was a man in a white dress shirt and a black suit and shades.

Bill spoke, “I am sorry to tell you that church is over, but I can give you a short Bible study before I go to hit the hay.”

The mib smiled and spoke, “I am not here for that since I am here on Urano business.”

Bill and Susie were nervous since they had killed some government workers and dumped their cars in a nearby ravine. But, they didn’t say anything to not let out a clue to what had happened in the past.

Susie walked towards the front door, but her older brother had put himself between his sister and this strange man. The siblings did not trust any government officials since they had been so dirty with dealing with their family throughout the generations.

Susie spoke, “Are you here about our brother, Billy? Is he okay, since we had heard from him, since you all took him from us last year?”

Bill tried to hush his sister, but the mib nodded in agreement. Susie was tickled, like a gleeful

schoolgirl going on her first real date.

The man in black broke out into laughter, that mad Bill feels like his family’s birth defects were being made fun of. The family could joke about it, but no one else could the same. It was just how they were as people.

The man in black was about to be kicked in the head by Big Bill when the stranger put his hands up in a defensive position.

Susie spoke, “Calm down Bill, you are always getting unto Billy for having a hot temper. You have got to practice what you preach.”

Bill pulled back his leg back down to the floor.

The man in black spoke, “I am sorry that I offended you, but I couldn’t believe that you all were

exactly as the government file had said. I couldn’t believe that it was true at first, but I see that it was true. Billy is at war right now and here is his sign on bonus, as he had requested to be given to you. It

is a big sum of money for a new recruit, but the higher ups wanted it to be so.”

The money was handed to Bill and then was handed over to his sister to hold for now.

Susie gasped, “How did the old boy get such a wad. It is racks upon racks, as one of our workers had spoken of.”

The mib spoke, “If I could be so forward, the guys at work had made a bet with me that I couldn’t get a photo with you two. Can I prove them wrong by taking a picture with you.”

Bill spoke, “If it is okay with Susie, then it is okay with me.”

Susie spoke, “How much money is the bet if you win it?”

The stranger spoke, “It was a thousand Rindats that we had bet on.”

She spoke, “Then let’s make a man a little money. I am proud of how the Lord had made us.”

The man in black pulled out a hover phone out of his pocket and had it hover in the arm.

Bill spoke, “Let’s get close together for the picture, but don’t get fresh with Susie or you will be hog feed.”

The picture was taken without incident.

Susie spoke, “Thanks for being so nice to us. Wait up and I will give you some ice cream and pie to take back to the office with you.”

The stranger spoke, “Please bring two spoons, I have got a buddy back in the car.”

Cindy did as requested and brought back two foam cups of a desert with two plastic spoons sticking out.

The stranger spoke, “I would shake your hands, but you see that I am unable to do that at this time.”

Bill opened the door as Susie waved bye to the two men in black. They then drove off to who knows where.

The visiting man in black spoke, “I can’t believe that they are how we were told that they would be. They let me take their picture with them and even gave us ice cream for visiting. I won that bet, now you all are going to pay up.”

The driver didn’t respond since he was too busy driving with one hand and eating with the other.

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